3 Tips To Make Adjusting To College Easier

3 Tips To Make Adjusting To College Easier

Adjusting to college is never easy. Even as a sophomore, I have had my fair share of struggles. However, I overcame these struggles by focusing on three helpful tips.


I thought my freshman year was going to be when I had the hardest time adjusting. However, I ultimately have had a harder time getting back into college life this year, which is my own fault. Instead of sticking to the plan I had my freshman year, both my family and I ended up winging it. Since we winged it, I had some detachment issues and a lot more stress.

Always remember to stick to the plan, you made it for a reason. Without it, the adjustment back into college life can be much harder than it needs to be for anyone. Your plan is what will guide you through your first couple of weeks until everything is back to normal.

1. Cap the number of helpers for move-in

If you have already been in college for a year, you know what it means when a party is capped. To make it simple, no one else is allowed to come. Having too many people helping with move-in can cause a lot of problems. For instance, I had a list of how all my boxes needed to be packed and unpacked. Was that list used? No, it was not because I had multiple family members who wanted to help with everything. So, of course, I am not going to tell my family not to help.

To avoid this problem, try minimizing your move-in team to only two or maybe three other people besides yourself. Also, it allows you to detach from your family and home life a little easier. If you stay too attached, your college life will be miserable since you will not want even to be there.

2. Stay in touch with friends from home

Currently, I go to a state college of New Jersey as an out-of-state student. So, I basically live two different lives because my friend groups in each place vary so much. Each group is great people, but they differ culturally. For instance, the slang I would use back home is not similar to slang in New Jersey and there has been a few time where I have had to re iterate myself.

So, in order to stay sane, try and keep in touch with people back home. Especially, if you are going to college out of state. It is helpful with adjusting to college life because you may live in a dorm where you do not know anyone or you may not like your roommate. Overall, it is really helpful to have friends in your corner.

3. Get out of your dorm

Staying inside your new dorm is always a nice feeling, but you will make yourself miserable. Spending all your time in your head just is not healthy.

You do not even need to go to parties or join a fraternity/sorority. You can join clubs related to your hobbies or your academic interests. Getting out of your dorm will make your college experience much easier because you will make new friends and create a new home for yourself.

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