As cliché as it sounds, the beginning of a new year always feels as if you have a fresh start at your fingertips. With this in mind, you have the opportunity to make the next 365 days completely different from the last. You can pick up a new hobby, get a gym membership, and eat clean for as many days as you want. However, adding the positive will only work if you remove the negative. Bringing negative people, actions, and behaviors with you into the new year will only hinder your growth as a person. Here are four toxic things we really hope you left in 2015.

1. Toxic Self-Talk

Nothing ruins forward progress quite like self-hate. It’s not an easy habit to kick, but consistently being your own biggest critic with no escape does more harm than good. Stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough or smart enough or skinny enough. Replace the negativity with positive affirmations and focus on loving yourself in the New Year. At the end of the day, you’re the only person you have to live with. Make sure your relationship with yourself is a good one.

2. Toxic Relationships

Speaking of relationships, leave the sh*tty ones in 2015. Regardless of the type of relationship, interactions of any kind that don’t positively contribute to your life need to be stopped. While you may not have full control in all situations, more often than not, you have some say in who you surround yourself with. Is your significant other a cheater? End it. Friend gossips too much? End it. Does that boy you hook up with still “not know what he wants?" End it. You may never be able to pick and choose who you interact with, but eliminating the negative in the situations you do have control over can make a world of difference.

3. Toxic Habits

Nobody’s perfect. We all drink too much, eat too much pizza, stay up too late, and sleep with our makeup on too many nights in a row. These things (in moderation) are okay, and even acceptable in your 20s. Getting rid of these altogether ruins the fun. However, most of us have toxic habits that have to be left in 2015. Stop answering your ex. Stop hanging out with people you don’t like. Stop skipping breakfast. Leave it in the past.

4. Toxic Situations

Where you have control, remove yourself from any situation that negatively impacts your life. If your boss is an a**hole, look for a new job. If your boyfriend/girlfriend sucks, kick ‘em to the curb. If you’re unhappy at home, move. Obviously, most situations aren’t that “cut and dry” easy to get out of, but it is important to realize just how much the negativity created can harm you. Take the necessary steps to remove yourself from a toxic situation. Leave people-pleasing in 2015.

As easy as it is to give this advice, taking it isn’t so simple. However, with a whole 365 days of experience behind you, reflect on the negative and decide what you can fix/remove/improve in the next year. Happiness can start right now, why wait another year? Leave the bullsh*t in 2015.