To The 5 Things That Get My Through My Day
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Student Life

To The 5 Things That Get My Through My Day

Letters of affirmation to the things that make being a college student easier

To The 5 Things That Get My Through My Day
Luther Village On the Park

As a college student, it's easy to find a hundred reasons to feel defeated and let down. We often concentrate on the bad in our lives; however, it's important to look on the little reasons that get us through the day. Here are a few short letters of affirmation to the small things that get me through the day.

1. Topo Chico

Dearest Topo Chico,

Thank you for the consistent feeling of refreshment day in and day out. You complement any meal, snack or drink. Topo Chico, you know how to bring my mood up after a long day-- I look forward to our evenings after class. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to during my lunch break. Topo Chico, you know how to settle my stomach when the Jo's Turbo has a little too much espresso in it. Overall, dearest Topo Chico, thank you for being the epitome of class in a glass.

2. Turbo


You've been there for me since I first stepped on campus at St. Edward's. Turbo, your ability to wake me up is uncontested, and I appreciate your strength (although my stomach not feel the same way). Turbo, thank you for being simple-- for not being too complicated to make, meaning I can have you available in less than 5 minutes when I'm rushing to class at Fleck. While you make me unnessarily bounce of the walls, I appreciate that I can count on you to make me feel like a 5-year-old infused with Pixie Sticks.

3. Water filler

Dearest campus water fillers,

Thank you for contributing to my obsession with staying hydrated-- it's because of you that I have to pee incessantly every 10 minutes. I know that I can depend on you to fill up my St. Edward's water bottle perfectly at the brim. Thank you for you presence in BMH, the Village, the RCC and the library. You are my refuge during a boring class, you entertain me by letting me know how many water bottles I saved. Water filler, without you, I would not be the hydrated person I am today.

4. Charles the dog

Sweet, sweet Charles,

You know exactly how to make every St. Edward's student's day. You are the beacon of light that assures college student that everything isn't actually that bad. You are the definition of sweet and playful, and you--without a doubt-- make my day when I see you as I tread to class.

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5. My bed

Dear bed,

It wouldn't be right to not include you as factor that makes my day better. Mattress pad, covers and all, are my safe haven from the perils of the outside world. You may be a twin extra long, but you're still enough for me. Even through it's a struggle to leave you in the morning, I can get through my day with ease knowing that you're waiting for me when I get back. You have been with me at my worst and helped me feel better. I know that as days go by, you will always be an area of consistency in my life. Thank you for all that you do.

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