I Have A Lot Of Pet Peeves And Some Of Them May Surprise You
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Some of these pet peeves I have developed over the years of growing up and going to college, but some have resonated with me since early on. You have probably seen the last pet peeve on my list everywhere on social media and there are a plethora of memes about it on the Internet. I can't stand it either. There is no easy way out.

Drinking non-organic milk


Growing up with a mom who has drilled eating organic and being health-conscious has made me aware of the food that I eat. With non-organic milk, it is far from the best bet — you are consuming growth hormones, pesticides, and herbicides from GMO crops fed to cows, and contributing to general antibiotic resistance by bacteria because cows are given antibiotics not because they are sick, but to gain weight. These cows are fed corn instead of grass and have too much omega-6 in comparison to omega-3, which causes inflammation of the body, cancer, and heart disease later on. Why drink conventional milk when there are options like organic milk or nut milk, of which the latter costs the same as conventional milk?

Creepy guys who hover over you and your friends at parties


It's been 15 minutes and they're still there, even though none of your friends have made eye contact or showed any interest. They don't make any moves and just continue dancing on the outer circle of your group while glancing at you and your friends. Just hovering.

Sheltered people who have no inclination to ever go outside


The home is definitely a comfortable space for many but the world really has so much to learn and experience. Just by going outside, you can check out so many stores in your neighborhood or take pictures of interesting sights. Often times conversing with very sheltered people usually leads to mundane conversations and opinions based on very limited experiences that leave the conversation to a dead end. There really isn't much to talk about.

Being alone all day


Some people are very comfortable being in their own space for days at a time. I am not one of them. I become lonely and bored in a way that watching videos online does not suffice. When I am in a rut all day by myself, I will call friends to study or grab boba, or even visit my friend who's working near me. Being alone for extended periods of time is something that I will have to learn how to be comfortable with through the very ubiquitous and necessary process called adulting.

Fragile male egos


Not all men are like this, and there's plenty of guys with a healthy dose of ego that keeps relationships healthy. However, for the few handfuls of guys who have a very brittle ego, it certainly pushes my button. Those who comment that everyone else is subpar because they themselves are only really proficient in a few niches. Or expect women to smile and agree with him so he feels like a legend. Or equate self-esteem with the number of women they've had sex with. The most striking personal experience of mine: in the far past, I went on a date with a guy who did not bring even a dime. I offered to pay and took out cash for movie tickets. We went to the ticket booth and he asked if he could take the cash and I confusingly said yes. He handed MY money to the person in the ticket booth because he could not accept that I, as a woman, was paying for the date instead of him. Never, ever again.

People who are very antsy about sharing food


Sharing food is an act that brings people closer together. My friends and I share food all the time because when you're going out to a restaurant, how will you be able to finish two ramen bowls by yourself? I feel that one's inability to share food with others often leads the path to other undesirable characteristics in a friend as well. Stinginess is never pleasant.

People who complain about EVERYTHING


I get that best friends are really open with each other and always have an open ear. But there is a limit to listening to your friend complain before the mood gets toxic and drains your energy. This was the reason why I ended a relationship with a close friend. I couldn't bear listening to complaints every few minutes about just anything: complaining about walking upstairs, walking just a couple streets more to a store, when food and drinks will be served at a social event, how badly an event was coordinated, how badly she doesn't want to go outside... the list GOES ON.



Even if it's by a couple of dollars. If the group does not have enough cash, there's something you're already using to pay the check... your credit card. It's poor manners and exposes the cheapness in someone who undertips and just leaves a bad taste. These waiters have been stumbling around going back and forth between tables all day and you can't give just a few more dollars? That extra three bucks just DRAINED your wallet.

Grammar Nazis





If you eat wings with chunks of meat everywhere on the bone, please do everyone a favor and eat the meat. Or just never eat chicken wings around my company because I can already feel the blood boiling in the room. Thank you.

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