Almost Paradise: 10 Cringeworthy Moments of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4
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Almost Paradise: 10 Cringeworthy Moments of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4

Glow sticks in the pool, gifts for your two kids, and a romantic walk on the beach...what more could you want?

Almost Paradise: 10 Cringeworthy Moments of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4

Whether you watched it because you love it or because you love to hate it, the majority of America tuned in to watch Season 4 of "Bachelor in Paradise." From the drama, romance and jokes there's something for everyone. With that said, the show has its fair share of cringe-worthy and uncomfortable moments.

1. Dean's love triangle

On the first day of Paradise Dean and Kristina hit it off, they even spent the whole 2 weeks of production shutdown together. With Paradise starting back up, Kristina thought her and Dean were in a great place, that is until the arrival of DLo (Danielle). After that, Dean found himself in an intense love triangle where he deeply played with the girl's emotions. The situation turned out to be very toxic, mostly for Kristina, and demonstrated exactly what a relationship should not be.

2. Jasmine constantly "choking" people

On Nick's season, Jasmine became know as 'The Choker.' Her second time at finding love was no different. Countless times we hear her reference how she will choke you or see her physically (pretending) to choke her love interests. All these interactions are very weird and even seem to be uncomfortable to viewers. Now, we know this is just a character she deeply leans in too, but who in the world would want to be known as the girl who chokes people?

3. Matt leaving Jasmine and Christen high and dry

During Matt's time in Paradise, he also found himself in a love triangle. This time with Jasmine and Christen. The whole situation turns out to be a classic case of miscommunication or lack there off. Jasmine has already "claimed" Matt. Meanwhile, Christen arrives and Matt agrees to go on a date with her. After a couple of days juggling both girls, who are both severely upset at this point, Matt decides right before the rose ceremony to leave without telling anyone or giving his rose out. He then reappears at the rose ceremony to give an unhappy Jasmine, a rose so she can stay in Paradise. Maybe next time, we can handle this suiting a little differently?

4. Robbie's attempt at being romantic

Oh, Robbie, where do I start? After a short attempt to pursue Raven, Robbie decides he wants Amanda instead. Robbie wants so desperately to move forward with Amanda, so he decided to turn on the charm. Glow sticks in the pool, gifts for her two kids, and a romantic walk on the beach. What could be cringe-worthy about this? How about the multiple time Robbie goes in for a kiss and get completely rejected. Can't he take a hint?

5. The Tickle Monster

While on Rachel's season, Johnathan, became known as the Tickle Monster after tickling Rachel upon his arrival. Unfortunately, the nickname followed him all the way to Paradise. Every conversation and romantic interaction had some integration of tickling - causing some weird moments. At one point, he even puts tiny hands on each individual finger while on his date with Christen.

6. Blake's one-day stay

Blake was made 'famous' after his unforgettable stay and exit from Rachel's season. While on Rachel's season Blake severely butted heads with the man known as Whaboom aka Lucas. Instead of starting Paradise with a fresh start, Blake decided to bring his conflict with Lucas into Every. Single. Conversation. He then gets denied by every girl he asks on a date until Christen finally agrees out of pity. Maybe next time don't mention your beef with Lucas? Just a suggestion...

7. Christen finding out she's Scallop Fingers

Poor Christen...the entire Scallop Fingers nickname started when Alexis shared a story with the group while Christen was off mingling. Needless to say the story gave birth to the nickname Scallop Fingers. The worst part of the story is, everyone, but Christen knew they were calling her Scallop Fingers. And to top it off, some of the girls would laugh uncontrollably in front of her about their "inside joke".

8. The Twins Meltdown

Where do I even start? The Twins, Emily and Haley, entered Paradise on the last day aka the worst time to come. Both had their eyes set on two already taken men and were denied when they asked them on their date. With their blood already boiling the girls decide to ask Tickle Monster and Jack Stone on their date, out of pity. Right before they re about to despart on their date Jack Stone approached the Twins and says he would rather stay and spend time with Christen. Bad move Jack Stone. This sent the Twins into a toddler like tantrum, as they swore everyone out and stomped out of the resort. Are you both 3 or 23?

9. Everything Daniel says

Some things Daniel says are funny and others are just downright uncomfortable. Honestly, the picture says it all. Oh, Canada.

10. The Finale

If you saw the finale, you know exactly why it made this list. From cheating rumors (Robbie), to blatantly lying about feelings (Daniel), and digging an even deeper hole (Dean) - the entire night was a train wreck. See a theme here? Boys, it's time to get your acts together. Even Chris Harrison, the host, knew it would be a complete and utter disaster.

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