Top Five Saddest Episodes of Grey's Anatomy
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Top Five Saddest Episodes of Grey's Anatomy

Top Five Saddest Episodes of Grey's Anatomy


Grey's Anatomy is basically the Generation X and Millennial version of E.R., and I cannot begin to list all the reasons as to why it has grown to be as big as it has. Maybe it has to do with the amount of literal ugly sobbing that I, and many others, do when they're binge-watching it on Netflix. There are twelve seasons out on Netflix, and season thirteen is airing currently on Thursday nights. I know, that sounds like a lot, but it is really easy to end up watching an entire season in two days. I've done it. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Okay, back to the ugly sobbing. If you can't tell by the title, I'm about to list my top five saddest episodes. Since I can't list every single episode, I figured I better do a decent number, and five seemed like the best. Allow me to stress this, though: There are so many more than five ugly sobbing episodes. These ones are just a few of the favorites I've heard about and experienced myself. So let's get started!

1. Losing My Religion - Season 2, Episode 27

In this episode, a character named Denny Duquette dies because of a complication in a heart transplant surgery. The chief of surgery threw a prom for his sick niece that night, and one of the surgical interns, Izzie Stevens, was in love with and engaged to Duquette. She intended to show him her dress, but when she got there, he had passed away. Katherine Heigl plays Izzie Stevens and her acting is on point. There is a link to the the point where the ugly crying really starts in. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is featured in this scene and that song definitely helps with the tragedy of the clip.

2. Now or Never - Season 5, Episode 24

One of the surgical interns is named George O'Malley. After decided to go into the military to become a trauma surgeon, he is tragically hit by a bus. During the entire episode, he is referred to as John Doe, because they cannot tell it's him, until Meredith Grey (the main character of the show) figures it out. The following link shows when Meredith learns John Doe's identity. Believe me when I say I was ugly sobbing here, and I mean snot and tissues everywhere.

3. Sanctuary, Death and All His Friends - Season 6, Episodes 23-24

In the explosive final two episodes of season six, a shooter goes rampant in the hospital looking for revenge after his wife died. Gary Clark is his name. It's highly unexpected when this tragedy hits Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Below is a scene where the shooter is finding it increasingly difficult to perform a surgery because there's a gun held to her head. I literally bawled during both of these episodes, while also staring at the screen in complete horror.

4. Flight - Season 8, Episode 24

Several of the surgeons take off on a flight to do a massive surgery on conjoined twins. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when their plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and they are left with nothing but all their injuries. Two of the six surgeons die because of this plane crash and the rest of them are left with PTSD and a life that will never be the same. There is a montage of the plane crash episode, showing Meredith's sister dying, among the other troubles they faced in this horrible event. Talk about heartbreaking.

5. How To Save A Life - Season 11, Episode 21

So this one might actually be the worst of them all because in this episode, right after being a hero and saving lives, Derek Shepherd, who is Meredith's husband, dies. It's an emotional roller coaster, because it is so impossibly unexpected. Here is the scene where Meredith has to pull the plug. She then tells the hospital what has happened, and she remembers her mother's past. I cannot admit to the public exactly how many boxes of tissues I went through, bawling at this episode. (Hint: The answer is four.)

Honorable Mentions:

Dark Was the Night - Season 8, Episode 9

Some Kind of Miracle - Season 3, Episode 17

Remember the Time - Season 9, Episode 2

Perfect Storm - Season 9, Episode 24

As We Know It - Season 2, Episode 16

Tear of the Unknown - Season 10, Episode 24

All I Could Do Was Cry - Season 11, Episode 11

That concludes this list of severely upsetting episodes of Grey's Anatomy! Make sure you have tissues handy, and if you aren't drawn in by this article, I challenge all you readers to watch the first few episodes. It's a fantastic show and the director, Shonda Rhimes, is amazing at breaking her fans' hearts.

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