Top Places to Grub in Fort Collins
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Top Places to Grub in Fort Collins

Whether it's burgers or popsicles, Fort Collins has you covered.

Top Places to Grub in Fort Collins
Bethany McCabe

If you’re anything like me, you really appreciate good food and good service. There’s something about sitting down for a great meal with family or friends that really makes me appreciate this wonderful life I live. Luckily, I live in one of the most restaurant-populated cities in the U.S., Fort Collins, Colorado. There’s endless places to explore and to eat at in this college town. When I’m not busy with classes and I can take a second to relax, I love to be a tourist in my own city. I mean who wouldn’t?! When Walt Disney is that impressed with Fort Collins, he models Downtown Disney after it, you’ve gotta try every place possible.

Here are my top seven FAVORITE restaurants, dives, and eateries in Fort Collins:

1. Cafe Athens

Personally, Mediterranean food is my all-time favorite. My weakness is some fresh pita bread and tzatziki sauce (but don't ask me to pronounce it). With two locations in Fort Collins, I tend to choose Cafe Athens quite a bit. They're food is always fresh and prepared quickly, which is helpful when large groups, like my family of six, go to eat there. Not to mention, the menu is huge. You can get anything from a traditional Greek gyro to a mediterranean style pizza! There's something to please everyone, and it's a great price point with most meals being under $10.

2. Stuft Burger Bar

Looking for a classic burger? Or what about a breakfast burger? Or better yet, a burger where the bun is a doughnut? Well, no need to search further. Stuft Burger Bar is basically like Chipotle, but for burgers! My family and I came here the first weekend of my freshman year because we heard it was a Fort Collins signature. You get to build your own burger and personalize it anyway you want.

3. Spoons

I was never really a soup and salad kind of person, but that all changed when I tried Spoons. Spoons is special to Fort Collins, which makes it amazing. Their soup is made daily and their salad is tossed right in front of you. There's nothing like a crisp caesar salad and some Southwest Chicken Tortilla soup, both some of the top picks at Spoons. With multiple locations, you're bound to find one with different soups and salads everyday.

4. Krazy Karl's Pizza

Oh. My. Goodness. This pizza. Krazy Karl's is pretty famous at Colorado State University. Mainly because not only does it taste good after a night of partying, but it also tastes good on game day or while you're cramming for your next exam. Seriously, I could eat this pizza whenever, wherever. Even at 11pm in the library. Yeah, my friends and I get it delivered to the library. You could say we're obsessed. The best part? The cream cheese. That's right, CREAM CHEESE. Don't ask questions, just order it as a topping next time you go.

5. Bindle Coffee

Now, for someone who doesn't drink coffee, I sure do love coffee shops. I love them for studying, group meetings, or even just hanging out on a Sunday morning with friends. Bindle is the CUTEST, and my cutest I mean your stereotypical "white-girl" Instagram post worthy, coffee shop. It's located in the cutest part of town, surrounded by little boutiques, fire pits, and strung lights. Since I don't drink coffee, I had hot chocolate. And let me tell you, I've been back again and again and again. I just can't get enough!

6. Austin's American Grill

Being the busy college student I am, I rarely get the time (or money) to go out for nice meal. However, when I'm in the mood for a good steak, Austin's is the place I go to. It's the perfect restaurant for date night, celebrations, or any other special occasions. They have anything from steak and ribs to amazing salads and desserts. Your classic American grill.

7. Revolution Artisan Pops

Alright, to wrap up my list I've got a sweet treat. Revolution Artisan Pops is a new, refreshing popsicle shop in Old Town Fort Collins. Why do I love it? It's a little hole in the wall, almost literally, it's tiny! But they serve the best popsicles. Anything from your traditional raspberry to watermelon lime. They're made fresh with healthy ingredients, so you don't have to feel too guilty about indulging. Whether it's hot or cold, I always love stopping by.

That's all I've got. Fort Collins is huge, there are hundreds of other restaurants to experience. My top seven picks are always my go-to's.

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