Up your Instagram game by staying on top of this summer's Insta trends!



Get the look of an old film camera with light leaks, vibrant colors and even a date stamp by downloading HUJI! Perfect for those late night concert shots and classic beach day photos you can download HUJI for free!

2. Unfold


If you're into minimalism, love white space and overall appreciate aesthetics, Unfold is for you! Create the perfect insta story using pre-made templates to combine photos with calligraphy or serif fonts for text.

3. VSCO Cam

photo by Grace Jicha, edited with the VSCO M5 filter.


Ah, VSCO: the age old film emulating editing app. Like your photos cool toned with a slight fade? Try HB1 and HB2. How about desaturated? A6. Want minimalism with bright whites and golden tones? Throw M5 on any photo! VSCO is free and comes with the option to purchase additional filters, however the app comes with several free filters for no cost!

4. VHS Cam


Have you ever wanted to try out one second a day videos or make a summer montage? VHS Cam is the perfect fit. VHS creates videos with a date stamp and old VHS video camera like effects perfect for not only capturing every summer memory but also making them insta worthy. ;)

5. Polaroids

grace jicha

Scan polaroids and download the jpeg files to your phone to get that film look without a filter! A great polaroid camera to do this with is Fujifilm Instax Mini.