Top Four Cold Coffees You Should Try
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Top Four Cold Coffees You Should Try

A Caffeine-d’s Guide To A Little Sip Of Heaven

Top Four Cold Coffees You Should Try
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I am a coffee and tea fanatic. During finals, you can usually spot me in the library, sippin’ on four separate mugs of tea, and a cuppa joe in between. I can’t drink straight black coffee, but a little sugar and cream, or vanilla flavoring goes a long way. In the library, I have access to hot brew, but if I had my way, I’d be gulping an iced cold, sugary substance day to day. Luckily, I don’t have that option! I drink cold coffee year ‘round! Whether you can weather cold coffee in the summer or four seasons, these are what I consider the best brews! Enjoy!

  • An Iced Coffee with Caramel, Cream, and Sugar.
  • Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino
  • Blended Java Chip
  • A Chilly Dog

1. An Iced Coffee with Caramel, Cream, and Sugar

From Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s a treat. It is the “per usual” when my mom and I are out and about and possibly yard-saling. It doesn’t have to be caramel, there are also vanilla and coconut, even cookie dough, which is one of my favorites! It was my first coffee I would really ever drank, and would brighten my day in high school.

2. Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino

I don’t deviate as much from my original formula, so I stick with something closer to home when I drink “Starbs”. Vanilla is the most basic flavor, and it is usually custom to add your own sugar. Starbucks isn’t my favorite place, but when you have a gift card and/or limited options, you will take what you can get in the pursuit of finding liquid sustenance. The Midnight Mint Mocha was a purely spontaneous choice. My father treated me to an impromptu coffee treat, and I walked in, spotting the sign. I decided to try it, my mother getting its sister, the S’mores. Both are delicious. I wouldn’t suggest the Midnight Mocha if you don’t like dark chocolate, but it is ridiculously perfect for myself.

3. Blended Java Chip

The closest coffee shop to West Virginia Wesleyan College (besides Café Libros) is The Daily Grind, and it is my favorite place on Main Street. They have a variety of foods and drinks, and the aesthetics are on point. I love to walk there on a nice warm Saturday, and spend my time out on the town sipping my Java Chip, which is blended ice, coffee and chocolate chips! It is glorious!

4. A Chilly Dog

The Black Dog Coffee Company is an authentic place with perfectly earthy smells and delicious products. Their Chilly Dog, which I have recently tried is one of the smoothest cool coffees I have tasted, and the name is ultra-cute. I had caramel, cream, and sugar, but don’t be fooled by the obvious choice, because I am just getting started on my expresso escapades. They have multiple flavors, including Lavender. Although I have yet to try many of their goods, I have high hopes for what I will in the future, and I hope you try them too!

Coffee is tasty and addicting. If I just need a boost, I have access to energy drinks, expresso shots and swigs of jet black coffee. But I like my coffee like I like my ice cream, sweet and chilly and just to enjoy! It is something I hope to continue enjoying for a long time to come! Don't be afraid to check these places out, especially the last two; you won't be disappointed!

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