Top 8 Craziest Kardashian Moments
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Top 8 Craziest Kardashian Moments

This family is ridiculous, but for some reason I'm still keeping up with them.

Top 8 Craziest Kardashian Moments

In honor of Keeping Up With The Kardashians returning for its 12th season this past week, I've decided to compile a list of the most ridiculous moments from the show. It's a well-known fact that this family is beyond ridiculous, but for some reason we just can't stop keeping up with them.

1. "Kim, there's people that are dying." This is probably one of the most iconic scenes from the show. Kim's then-boyfriend, Kris Humphries, threw her in the ocean during a family vacation to Bora Bora. After her big splash, Kim seemed to have misplaced her overly-priced earrings and proceeds to have a meltdown. Kourtney, as always, calls Kim out on her ridiculousness, claiming that "Kim, there are people that are dying." (Spoiler alert: Kim ends up finding the earrings.)

2. "Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister's going to jail!" This is yet another iconic moment from the earlier seasons of the show. Khloe was being taken to jail for violating her probation, and on the way there, Kim was using a digital camera to take photos of herself. The fantastic photos were finally released a few months ago.

3. Anytime Kim cries, tbh.
The only thing funnier than Kim Kardashian's crying face is when Kourtney makes fun of her crying face.

4. "This is my bible." Same, Kris. Kim and Kanye were featured on the cover of Vogue shortly after they got married, and apparently Kim's mother was very excited about this.

5. Pretty much any time Scott Disick opens his mouth. When he's not out partying and making Kourtney's life miserable, he is a HOOT.

6. Kim's 72-day marriage. Kim divorced Kris Humpries after just three months, and this is a running joke on the show. But hey, I'd divorce him too if he caused me to (almost) lose my $75,000 earrings in the ocean. It happens, Kim.

7. When Kim released the greatest song of all time. Did you know Kim recorded a single in 2010? If not, consider yourself enlightened. It's called "Jam (Turn It Up)," and if that isn't enough information for you, you should listen to it. Half the proceeds were donated to St. Jude's, but that doesn't make this any less funny.

8. The time Kendall and Kylie wrote a song for their mom because she doesn't like peeing in public. I remember watching this episode when it aired originally and I was genuinely concerned for the Jenner side of the family. Essentially, Kris hates going to the bathroom in public because she doesn't want other people to hear her pee (which in my opinion, is perfectly understandable). Kendall and Kylie then posted a video of their mother peeing, and (as any normal human being would be), Kris was very upset about it. To make up for this, Kendall and Kylie decided to write a song and have their Pia Mia record it and Juicy J to produce it for their mother. Did I mention the girls rap in this song?

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