Top 8 College Packing Tips
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Top 8 College Packing Tips

Time to load up your cart at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Top 8 College Packing Tips

It's three weeks 'til move in, and that means it's time to start packing your bags. The summer is coming to a close and you're already starting to think about making the trip to college. Here are a few tips that I have learned from my past experience of moving 1,500 miles from Connecticut to Texas.

1. Take advantage of back to school deals

Cut out some coupons and hit up Target, Walmart or Staples. Personally, Target is my favorite place for back to school deals. There's no better feeling than loading up your cart with pencils and notebooks for half the price.

2. Make a realistic packing list

When I moved to college my freshman year, I used Her Campus's "The Ultimate College Packing List" I highly recommend using it (even if you're a guy). It is extremely detailed and although I didn't bring everything on the list, it included items I wouldn't think to pack.

3. Use Bed, Bath & Beyond's Pack and Hold

Bed, Bath & Beyond's Pack and Hold service is a blessing to college students everywhere. Moving across the country meant I didn't want to buy everything where I lived only to carry it with me. The Pack and Hold service lets you pick out what you need for college and then pick it up at the Bed, Bath & Beyond closest to your school. This was truly a miracle for me on move in day.

4. Invest in some new clothes

Wearing a uniform for 10 years before college meant that I didn't have a lot of normal, everyday clothes. Especially since I was moving from Connecticut to Texas, where I would need more summer clothes than winter. Invest in a few comfortable outfits you can wear to class and around campus. It's time to start building your adult wardrobe!

5. Pack smart!

Do not, under any circumstances, stuff your clothes in a bag and hope it zips. Instead, pack smart! Roll your clothes and put little things in your shoes. You will have more space and feel extremely organized. You will thank yourself later when you're trying to organize your new (tiny) college closet.

6. Bring less than you need

Yes, I'm sure your senior year book is near and dear to your heart but you will not open it once you get to college. Bring your old photos to remember your adventures from home, but thats all you need from high school. Look forward to the next exciting four years instead of your past ones.

7. Ship what you can

I made the mistake of not shipping anything ahead of time to college. Although it can be done, I highly recommend shipping what you can to your college's post office before moving so it is already there when you arrive. One less thing to worry about.

8. Fly Southwest

If you can fly Southwest, do it. Southwest allows you to bring two bags per passenger for free. When my family of four all flew down with me to college we had eight bags in total, all of which were full of my belongings. You'll look like a maniac in the airport surrounded by eight bags, but at least you'll be able to bring your entire wardrobe with you.

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