Top 7 Reasons to "Fall" in Love With Fall
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Top 7 Reasons to "Fall" in Love With Fall

Fall faves to get you in the fall feelings

Top 7 Reasons to "Fall" in Love With Fall

1. Weather

You can almost always bet the weather will be absolutely perfect. The ideal fall day is 70 degrees and cloudy. I could stay outside in that weather for hours oppose to the hotter than hiatus days of summer. Summer is great but fall is greater. It's that perfect period to prepare you for the colder weather soon to come.

2. Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

Pumpkins have to be one of my favorite plants that grow in the garden beside cucumbers. They are so colorful and will brighten and put a smile on anyone's face. Often I find myself going to town just to look at them and how unique each one is. No two pumpkins are alike and the fact that they can come from the same vine and still be similar but so different amazes me.

3. Season of Thanks

Being thankful is something we should do year round but I feel that especially around this time of year we are often reminded of how thankful we should be. For my family growing our own food in the summer is a tradition we have had since I was in diapers. So when thanksgiving comes around, the produce of our labor is cherished even more because we have food in the freezer, and on our plate and living in this world today many people don't have that opportunity so being thankful for that is especially important. I could go on and own about the many ways we show thanks but that one is most important.

4. Food

So I mentioned above that my family has always grown our own food since I was an infant and it's a thing I have grown to love yet hate. I enjoy the eating but the labor is something serious. One of my favorite fall favorites is when my grandma cooks my favorite dessert, sweet potato tarts. Y'all when I tell you I could live for months off them I'm not even lying. My grandma is older in age and when she makes them and I can be apart it warms my heart. Just being able to spend quality time with her while learning her recipes is so rewarding and the delicious deserts don't hurt either.

5. Fall Fruit Favorites

Fall season comes with some of my favorite fruits like the famous southern grape, the muscadine. But fall also brings another favorite, Pomegranates. Growing up in the south these were always my go to fruits for the fall season. I literally can go to my grandma's to pick the pomegranates straight from the bush which is never treated with any pesticides which are a plus. If I am in the mood for muscadines I can go to my sister's house and pick them off the vines which are also pesticide free. Not only is this convenient but it saves tons of money on groceries The average grocery store price for Pomegranates is $1.99 for 1 and around $2.99 for a quart of muscadines. I would go broke if I had to buy them considering I can eat 3 pomegranates a day and the grapes around 2 quarts a day. So saving money is literally going straight to the bush and vine.

6. Halloween

One of my favorite holidays. I normally go all out with a custom costume and all. Typically I spend my Halloween giving candy out at my church trunk-or-treat. So getting all dressed up to see the kids smiling is so rewarding and fun. I have dressed up as a scarecrow, the mad hatter, and the cowardly lion in the past. With my car decorated to the theme of my costume. It makes all the work put forth getting things together so worth it when I see kids smiling.

7. Black Friday shopping

One if my favorite things to do as soon as thanksgiving dinner is over is spending the weekend shopping with the whole family. We all get a condo and literally shop for days with little sleep and the time spent with family is so great but the shopping is even better. My bank account sheds tears after Black Friday but how can you beat the deals the stores have. You simply can’t.

To conclude fall is just that time of year when I feel the family gets closer and the things we worry about all year disappear in the great weather, good food, and retail therapy.

Love and Peace,


Stay classy!

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