7 Casey Neistat Videos Everyone Should Watch

7 Casey Neistat Videos Everyone Should Watch

A list of my personal favorites.

Over the last two years, no one has become a bigger YouTube sensation than Casey Neistat. In 2 years Neistat has gained over 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. His most popular segment was his Daily Vlog until a few weeks ago when he decided to transition his channel into a new phase. Quality videos are nevertheless always guaranteed on his channel. Below is a list of the top seven Casey Neistat videos to date.

7. The Vietnam Notebook

The most recent one of Casey Neistat’s videos, this video makes it on the list due to the sentiment involved in the video. Most people see it as just another one of his many travel vlogs, but I see it as a video showing the bond between a father and his son. If you know Casey’s story he hasn’t always had the good fortune of being around his son, so these trips mean a lot to the both of them. This video allows the viewer to see the relationship between Casey and his son in their trip through Vietnam.

6. Make it Count

Do More. The signature Casey tattoo serves as inspiration to people, such as myself. If you ever need an inspiration and have five minute to spare, this is the video to watch. In this video, Casey is given a budget by Nike to make a video for their campaign, Make It Count. He uses the budget to travel around the world until the money runs out. Throughout the video Casey adds inspirational quotes by influential individuals. Every time I watch this video it gives me the energy to get out and “Do More”.

5. what would you do with $25,000?

The title of the video says it all. In this video, Casey is approached by 20th Century Fox to make a promotional video for one of their movies. The concept behind the video is “live your dreams”. Instead of making a video in which he spends the $25,000 on himself, Casey takes the money and lives his dream of helping others. He takes the budget and uses it to help the people of the Philippines. This video shows the philanthropist side of Casey Neistat, and how one person can make a difference in the lives of others.


There are two reasons for why this video is on my personal list of Casey Neistat videos. The first reason is this video goes through the process of how Casey produces his movies. From the morning till the night, Casey works hard in order to get the perfect shot. The video also shows that as a filmmaker not everything will go as planned, but it is important to maintain calm and to keep on working. The second reason for why this video is one my favorites is Karlie Kloos, and I’ll leave it at that. If you would like to see the completed movie, click here.


As the most viewed Casey Neistat video on YouTube this one had to make the list. Casey spends a lot of his time traveling around the world to make movies, give out talks, or just for fun. He usually travels first class but this particular flight tops the cake. Casey is often given perks by companies for the chance to have their product or service appear in one of Casey’s videos. In one particular trip Fly Emirates decided to upgrade Casey to a first class seat with a value of $21,000. Casey takes this opportunity to show people, such as myself, who will possibly never get a chance to fly in such a luxurious plane. From caviar for breakfast, to an in-flight bar, topped off with a steaming hot shower all in one plane, Casey shares the experience of a lifetime.

2. The Greatest Year of MY ENTIRE LIFE

If you’re late to the Casey Neistat party as I was, this is the video to watch. This recaps Casey’s life in 2015, the year in which he started his famous vlogs. He creates of highlight reel of all the best moments of his 2016, including the birth of his daughter Francine. If you don’t have to watch every single one of his vlogs, this video should keep you up to date.

1. Draw My Life - Casey Neistat

If you want to learn more Casey pre-2015, this is the video to watch and one of my all time favorites. This video depicts Casey’s life from his early childhood to his troubled youth all the way to the present. If you need a video motivate you to continue pushing for your dreams no matter the obstacles, this is that video. Without giving too much, the video shows Casey’s early struggles leading up to his success as a filmmaker.

With over 700 videos on his YouTube Channel, Casey has a variety of videos to choose from. He has now shifted his channel toward making larger production films instead of his daily vlogs. But no matter what he puts out, rest assured that it will be impressive.

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