Okay, gross talk here. We're adults. We now know that everyone poops. Boys AND girls. And sometimes the need to poop just hits us at random times. Especially in the morning after a good cup of coffee. There are some bathrooms that I wouldn't even wash my hands in, so pooping in them is a big compliment.

There's also nothing more awkward than pooping in a busy, loud bathroom. The loud part might not be so bad, but the busy part is not fun. Because you're aware that everyone else is aware that someone is pooping in this bathroom. The awkward eye contact with a strange person after is the best as well.

After asking a lot of questions and not passing any judgment, I put together a list of the best places one can poop in case they do run into that emergency and want to avoid the awkward eye contact after leaving a stall.

1. Handicap bathroom on the second floor of the Student Center

There's only one or two stalls so you can lock the door and not feel bad

2. 3rd Floor of the Science Building

"They have nice staff bathrooms and the toilet paper is nicer. No one on staff is going to judge you."

3. Prillman Building

"If you need toilet paper, they leave their cabinets unlocked."

4. 4th Floor and above in any building.

"They're unlocked on the weekends."

5. The top floor of the Business building

"No one wants to walk up all those stairs"

6. Anywhere except the Recreation Center bathrooms.

Trust me on this. The gym bathrooms are the absolute LAST place you want to poop. First of all, it stinks up the entire bathroom, and it makes people angry. VERY angry.

7. 3rd Floor of the Library. Graduate library

"Never anyone there, it's dead quiet."

8. Bathrooms in the Onyx (Wilson Annex)

"I don't think anyone knows those exist."

9. Nursing building

"Nurses need respect, so let's give them the best bathrooms."

10. Not the first floor of the Student Center

"Those bathrooms don't know how to flush right"