There's just something about summer that gives me fresh hope. It could be the sun-filled days of laughter and pure freedom or it could just be the fact that the finals apocalypse is behind us and I can finally catch up with all my Netflix shows.

Either way, here are the five things I want to accomplish this summer.

1. Go to the beach

Palm trees at noon


Although completely basic, I absolutely love the beach! With a difficult semester behind me, I finally have the time to indulge in some Vitamin D, sand, and sea. Building sandcastles (yes I'm twelve), reading a book while sunbathing, even trying a new kind of ice cream can make your Florida beach experience amazing. My personal favorite: pub subs + beach + sunset = amazing day.

2. Try a new recipe

Spanish Paella


Lots of people worry about their bodies, force themselves to "get a bikini body," or start fad diets to lose weight before, during, and after summer. DON'T DO THIS! I've been trying to "lose weight" since I was eight years old, and I can tell you from full-on experience that making yourself feel like you aren't enough is the worst way to celebrate summer. Instead, go about it a different way: try to do something every day, spend 60 minutes outside every day, try a couple of healthy recipes, or buy more fruit during the summer. Doing things like this will encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle without forcing you to eat a b.s "no carbs" diet.

3. Clean out my closet



Time to get rid of any clothes I haven't worn, won't wear, or simply don't look good on my body. Throughout my small adult life, I've worn certain outfits that either match my mood or look bomb on me regardless of the occasion. Every once in a while, I've come across an item of clothing which either barely fits or doesn't fit but would make my body look awesome and I buy it thinking, when I lose weight, this will look amazing on me.

The result of this is buying an item, not wearing then a year later donating it (which is what I do with all my clothing). At this point, it's more of a "how versatile is this outfit" and "when will I actually wear this." Be smart about your clothing, kids.

4. Go on a road trip

The way to the cabin


I'm planning on taking at least two road trips this summer, which I'm super excited for. One is to Orlando and the other is an 8 hour trip to the Florida panhandle. Road trips are like an emotional rollercoaster with tourist drivers and Florida weather along the way. Even taking a trip to Miami or Tampa can have lasting memories, so I recommend giving it a try.

I'll be uploading a road trip bucket list, and tips for road trips in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.

5. Finally get back to my passions

Art supplies clutter


I don't really talk about the things I love on Odyssey a lot (I should probably start doing that), but I love art. Painting, drawing, watercolors, digital art were my favorite things to do in high school. I also love creative writing, poetry, reading...

Essentially, I'm a very artistic person and I struggle to focus on the things I'm truly good at because of school. Now that school's out, I can actually focus on and improve upon my artwork. This is one of my favorite parts of summer, and I'm so excited to share parts of it with my readers.