Top 5 Signs You Have An Obsession With Christmas
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Top 5 Signs You Have An Obsession With Christmas

Peppermint mochas are flying out the Starbucks drive through window and YOU are ready to let yourself enjoy your absolute favorite time of year.

Top 5 Signs You Have An Obsession With Christmas

Costco is stocked with an array of light-up reindeer, candy canes have hit the shelves and your Christmas sweaters are hanging at the front of your closet. Peppermint mochas are flying out the Starbucks drive through window and YOU are ready to let yourself enjoy your absolute favorite time of year. Your friends may think you’re a little crazy, but you just can’t hide your evident Christmas spirit.

1. You have your opinions ready to go regarding the “before Thanksgiving” argument

Smile and nod folks, smile and nod. Even though you feel so strongly regarding the fact that listening to Christmas music and getting in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving has absolutely NO correlation to celebrating the actual holiday of Thanksgiving itself, people will try to make you feel bad for partaking in pure bliss a few weeks early. It is important to be polite, or else people will think you’re actually crazy if they don't already. To my fellow Christmas-obsessed, we’re no different than anybody else, we simply just like to have more fun.

2. You partake in the consumption of all your favorite Christmas flavors on a regular basis

Peppermint mochas and hazelnut lattes from Starbucks, a fat chunk of homemade peppermint bark, hot chocolate with a candy cane stir stick, your favorite Christmas cookies… All of these are consumed on a weekly (if not daily) basis and you’re not ashamed. Not ashamed people.

3. You love buying Christmas gifts for people

According to an online survey, upwards of 70 percent of the population feels stressed about Christmas shopping. If you’re anything like me, you consider yourself part of the rare 30% who thoroughly enjoys it. Witnessing the reactions of friends and family members when they open their perfect gifts brings you an indescribable abundance of joy. The holiday season is a gift-givers time to truly excel in their field.

4. You cry on the inside (and on the outside) when Christmas music finally becomes acceptable to play in public

Telling people your favorite genre of music is Christmas music doesn't really go over well from January through November. Finally, you can fully enjoy the genre in it’s truest form and you can even listen to it with your friends! Say hello to FM radio and goodbye to your iTunes playlist!

5. You can finally say you have put your college degree in Christmas decorating to good use

Go big or go home, need I say more? It’s your favorite thing to do. And if you don't have the opportunity to decorate your own space, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to see some of the most stunning lights in all of creation (thanks Costco). There’s nothing you love more than driving around the neighbourhood looking at those lights. PURE BLISS AM I RIGHT?

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