Top 5 Resources At Kutztown University
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Top 5 Resources At Kutztown University

Free services for broke college students? Why not!

Top 5 Resources At Kutztown University
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Universities want their students to succeed, find a career, and live a full life. It’s no surprise that colleges everywhere have established different services to help students throughout their many years in school. Kutztown University has some great programs to offer, however many students may not realize these opportunities are available and free. There is a variety of services available ranging from academic help, to psychological help.

1. Writing Center

Located in Old Main room 132, the Writing Center aims to help Kutztown University students compose their best work whether it is for leisure purposes or class. Students of any writing level are welcome to the center where graduate and undergraduate students alike take time to edit and revise other peoples’ works. If there are transition issues between paragraphs, grammatical errors within an essay, or even organization problems in the brainstorming process, the staff at the writing center will be able to help.

Although the staff is experienced and ready to help, students shouldn’t expect these individuals to do all of the work. First, students are expected to bring their sources, the assignment, and any notes from their professor with them. A staff member will sit down with a student and ask questions regarding the assignment and read over what the writer has done already. It is the writer’s responsibility to take notes on the staff member’s advice and change things on their own.

2. Women’s Center

The Women’s Center exists for those in need of help whether that is just talking, or providing resources to a woman in trouble. To the right of the main lobby in Old Main, students can find the Women’s Center office. A staff member will always be sitting at the desk during available hours, ready to greet and help those who walk through the door. Over the years, the Women’s Center has gathered resources and made connections with groups on campus like SCAR and FMLA, as well as outside groups like the BWIC. The center directs and helps women with issues regarding sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, harassment, work equality, etc. If an individual needs help taking the appropriate steps toward legal action, this center will help that person work through the traumatic experience.

Aside from the resources this center offers, the staff members work closely with student groups on campus like the Student Campaign Against Rape, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. Allies of Kutztown, etc. These groups also hold events in conjunction with the Women’s Center like The Vagina Monologues and the Clothesline Project. These events raise awareness and promote change within Kutztown’s community and on college campuses.

3. Career Development Center

This is another center dedicated to helping Kutztown students through events, informational seminars, and individual appointments or walk-ins. Students can find the Career Development Center in Stratton room 113 during regular business hours. In the center, students can receive help with their resume, cover letter, applying for jobs, networking, etc. There are many resources available in the Career Development Center that students tend to overlook, or just don’t know about. It pays to stop in this office during a student’s last year at Kutztown, or even just to get ahead of the game.

Some events this center hosts include the Etiquette Dinner where students sit down with business employers and the staff goes over proper etiquette when dining with colleagues. According to the center, about 60% of all business transactions are conducted over dinner, so it can be helpful to learn proper manners. Another event the center hosts includes mock interviews. It’s important for graduating students to partake in a mock interview so they can receive feedback regarding their performance.

4. SI and Tutor Services

For struggling students, Kutztown offers a few different approaches to help college kids understand the topics covered in their classes. One way is by using Supplemental Instruction sessions, which are directed by knowledgeable students. Some professors will appoint a student, who has previously passed their course, as an SI instructor and have designated office hours so they can meet with multiple students currently enrolled in that course. During these sessions, the instructor and students will go over hard material so the student has a better understanding of the class.

Another helpful resource is the tutoring services located in the Rohrbach Library in room 30. Here, students have the opportunity to meet one on one with a tutor to go over any material they may not understand. In order to get a one on one tutor, a student must fill out a form requesting a tutor for their course. If there is someone available, the tutor and student will match up times to meet and work. These tutors will usually meet with students 2-3 hours a week, and are better for those who need more help than a Supplemental Instruction session can offer.

5. Counseling Services

Most people don’t realize Kutztown University offers counseling services to students at the Health Center in Beck Hall. Professional psychologists, who are also faculty members at the university, take the time to help students cope with stress, anxiety, alcoholism, depression, domestic violence, etc. For full time students, there is the option of setting up ongoing meetings to help work through difficult situations.

In order to begin the counseling process, students must make an appointment in advance by calling the office. If it is a first time visit, a counselor will assess the student and see what kind of services they may need. Some services offer group counseling, and others offer one on one sessions. In both instances, confidentiality is a top priority when it comes to the counseling services.

Students shouldn't take these services for granted; instead they should utilize the different services in order to help themselves succeed. It could be as small as needing to brainstorm topics for an essay, or large like working through depression. Either way, these services are here for students to use at no additional cost, so why not take advantage?

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