I absolutely love my Mary Kay business. The confidence I've gained, the amazing women I've met, and the faithful philosophies created by our founder (God first, family second, career third), put me in an incredibly positive environment. As a college student, I'm busy. BUSY. But Mary Kay is my favorite "activity", "job", "hobby", "passion" that I do on a daily basis.

1. Flexibility

Like I've already alluded to, I'm busy. A full schedule of classes, an internship and five other jobs (aside from my Mary Kay business), and maintaining a social life, I am constantly running from one place to the next. The great thing about this job that I don't get the luxury of with my others is that I chose my hours that day. If I have time to schedule a facial or two, I will, otherwise I can do it the next day. I am the only one in charge of my schedule, and I love that. I don't have to ask for time off of work because it's my own business. If I don't have time, then I just don't schedule anything.

I'm not just flexible with my time, either. This allows me to be flexible with my money as well. I certainly didn't expect to be getting commission checks as a 20 year old college student! Plus, the prizes are pretty cool as well (pearl earrings, a pink CADILLAC?!)

2. Fun

I've met some really awesome girls through the facials I've given or meetings I've attended had it not been for Mary Kay. Part of my job is to give facials to girls, which takes only about an hour, and I get to have fun pampering them with great products.

3. Confidence

I had a pretty good confidence level before selling Mary Kay, but the confidence has skyrocketed. Holding my first party, I was incredibly nervous. What if I forgot a step or didn't know the answers to my guests questions? What exactly am I supposed to do with this starter kit??? Mary Kay has taught me that practice really does make perfect, and the more I do it, the easier it becomes. Also, I can only facial my immediate friend group so often before I've exhausted them. Reaching out to women I don't know as well was (and sometimes still is) intimidating, but because of this I have met some really amazing women I wouldn't have otherwise met.

4. Positive environment

I come home from every Mary Kay event, be it a weekly group meeting, a seminar, party with my national sales director (Stacy James), or facial full of energy. In a room full of successful women who truly believe in me and the places God will take me with this business, how can I not leave with a bounce in my step and a determination to further my business?

5. Persistance

Sometimes, running my own business can be frustrating. People doubt me and question how I could make money by selling mascara. Sometimes, when all I want to hear is a "yes, I'd love to hold a party for you!", all I hear is "no, not today" or "sorry, I'm not interested", and after getting enough no's, it's easy to feel put down. Sometimes, it's easy to question why I started my Mary Kay business in the first place. But what I've realized is that I need to trust the process. It works, it really does. Just look at all of the successful women in this business! Look at all of my successes in the short time I've been a consultant. I could throw my hands in the air and shove my starter kit in the back of my closet, but finally hearing that "yes" after many rejections and questions is so, so, so rewarding. If I gave up every time I heard no, I would never reach my goals. I have a choice to be successful in both this business and everything else I do in my life, and persistance, persistance, persistance is going to get me to those goals I have set for myself.

6. God first, family second, career third

I can't explain to you how amazing it feels to be in an arena with thousands of women and the president of our company standing on stage praying over everyone and the work God is doing with this business. Knowing that these are the priorities that are firmly in place has made me grow stronger in my own faith, for I really have recognized the importance of these priorities.

Mary Kay is more than just makeup. It is a lifestyle, something that has totally changed my life for the better. I know I'm just starting out, but I've grown so much in my first year, I can't wait to see where it will take me in the years following.