Top 5 Questions I Get Asked As A Vegan

Top 5 Questions I Get Asked As A Vegan

Non-vegans love asking vegans these questions!

Being vegan for almost eight months, I've experienced quite a range of reactions to my lifestyle. Some get quite repetitive while others simply make me shake my head. Don't get me wrong, I love when people are curious and want to be educated about what being vegan is like! However, there are some comments and questions I could just do without.

1. "But how you get your protein?"

If I had a dollar for every time I'm asked this, I could pay my tuition. My response is, "Where your 'food' gets it." Protein sources are found in all whole plant foods and plant based foods. How do you think cows maintain their weight and build? Why do you think apes are so strong and large? Their diet is plants and, in the case of apes, some fruits.

Protein is easy for me to get with all the vegetables, seeds, and plant-based meals I consume. Yes, I am one of those vegans who enjoys tofu. If you make it correctly (with plenty of seasoning and sauces), it can be the most satisfying lunch or dinner. My favorite is teriyaki tofu with chili sauce. It packed a great amount of protein.

2. "Don't you miss bacon?"

Simply put, no. I don't miss feeling the heaviness and discomfort in my stomach. I also do not miss contributing to animal cruelty. Bacon also factors into high cholesterol and increased risk of cancer as well as heart disease. By removing this processed meat from my diet, I have decreased my risk for these diseases significantly.

3. "What do you eat?"

Pretty much the same foods I ate when I wasn't vegan but they're just adjusted. I never was a big meat eater beforehand and I had a lactose allergy as well (ice cream was my biggest vice). I simply leaned more toward plant-based, dairy-free options while I transitioned and soon my diet became 100% vegan. Foods from brands such as Daiya (cheese and pizza), Follow Your Heart (cheese), and Gardein (meatless products) helped me in my first few months of veganism. Now I tend to eat more whole plant-based foods and as little processed food as possible. I eat a lot of pasta, rice, tofu, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, and plant based milks! You just have to get creative with cooking.

4. "Won't you get tired and weak?"

I'm the most energetic I've been in years. I found my recovery time after workouts is faster and I can sustain longer workouts than when I wasn't vegan. I was anemic and prone to hypoglycemia before becoming vegan and after I found I was eating enough to sustain my blood sugar and iron levels. I rarely take my iron supplement anymore and have felt incredible. It is recommended to take a multivitamin for overall body health and, in the cases of some, a B12 supplement. Personally, I haven't needed a B12 supplement but everyone is different. My body is also leaner and I feel overall healthy.

And finally....

5. "Why?"

I became a vegan, at first, for the animals. I never felt right consuming meat and even felt guilt for consuming the flesh of another being that had once been alive. After watching a documentary which revealed the truth of the dairy industry, I felt like such a hypocrite to consume dairy which is a result of exploitation of a female body. I no longer wanted to be part of a corrupt and deadly system.

I do not regret becoming vegan for a moment. Sure, sometimes it's a bummer that a restaurant might have to modify my option. But I would rather have one minute of modifying my order than contribute to the suffering of innocent animals. Being vegan makes a difference. All you have to do is educate yourself and make the connection.

For more information, check out these sites!

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Cover Image Credit: Avocado Toast

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13 Times Tequila Was The Answer, But It Made You Forget The Question

but let's face it, tequila is *always* the answer

There's a wise old saying, One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor. We all know it, it's ingrained in our memories. Yet, we still continue to drink it.

It's amazing because there's a difference between vodka drunk (you may get a little sassy), beer drunk (you're too bloated to do anything), wine drunk (someone is absolutely going to cry) and tequila drunk (you whip out dance moves you didn't even know were possible)

If you have the willpower to say no to tequila, you are the strongest being. Some people don't have this superpower. So, for the rest of us, tequila is like our kryptonite.

It's the solution to our problems, and the creation of many more.

That being said, here are 13 times you thought tequila was the answer, but made you forget the question.

1. That time you totally aced that test

Every victory, even the small ones, deserve a celebration.

2. That time you totally bombed that test

It eases the pain because the hangover you're about to have is gonna be 10x worse than anything you're feeling right now.

3. Girls night out

If we all found a night we're all free, you bet we're gonna make it as wild as possible.

4. After a breakup

People are going to warn you against this, and probably for good reason, but you'll have to learn this lesson on your own. Plus tomorrow your head will hurt way more than your broken hurt....balance???

5. It's good for you????

Besides making you feel good, there are studies that show it helps lower blood sugar, aids in weight loss, lowers cholesterol, shall I continue or is that reason enough???

6. Margarita Specials

They're a hard thing to turn down, so when there's a deal on them it's like an excuse to drink them - not that you needed one but it helps that this time it's totally justified.

7. Cinco De Mayo

Just another justification for something you were probably going to do anyway.

8. When that random guy offered to buy you a shot

You suggested tequila because you wanted him to get his money's worth. (and now you're trying to find the perfect opportunity to run away)

9. You're on vacation

What's better than being on a beach with a margarita in your hand? I can't think of anything.....?

10. It's Friday

and it took a long time to get here so you need something to take the edge off.

11. It's Saturday

you're having slight withdrawals so it's the right thing to do

12. When you have to catch up

So you were late to the party and everyone else is on ANOTHER LEVEL. A simple math equation, a shot of tequila for every half hour you missed and you'll forget you were even 2 hours late.

13. Because you want to

helllloooooo.....why wouldn't you want to drink tequila? Ignore the ones telling you tequila is dangerous. If you want it and you love it, drink it

As if you needed one reason, there's thirteen, use one

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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