Top Five Marvels Of A UofL Football Game
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Top Five Marvels Of A UofL Football Game

A guide to all the must-sees of any UofL football game.

Top Five Marvels Of A UofL Football Game
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"The 'L' is a sign that connects all of us to

one strong and united Cards Nation"

- Jennifer Lawrence

As the beginning of a new school year is just around the corner, I can’t help but get excited about one of my absolute favorite traditions on campus here at the good Ole University of Louisville. Football! Not just any football but CARDS football! As a member of the Marching Cards drum line I get to be at every home game—and even some away games—to cheer our guys on. So with that being said my first game was SUPER overwhelming; there was so much going on, and I didn’t know what all to do—I even missed a few essentials of a UofL game. So for all those newcomers attending their first UofL game this fall, here are a few traditions, other than throwing up that sacred 'L', to look out for in the lot and the stadium.


It’s not a UofL Game if our guy Louie isn’t there. Whether he’s sailing in with a parachute during pregame, shaking his tail-feather with the Lady Birds, or chilling out with the fans and students, you don’t want to miss getting a snapshot with this goofball! (And are you really a Louisville Cardinal if you don't have at least one selfie of Louie and yourself on your phone?)

2. LadyBirds

At every game you get to witness one of top dance teams in the nation! The Ladybirds’ up-beat, fast moving routines keep up the energy during quarter breaks, and just watching them may will make you tired. But one can’t help but be mesmerized by the precision and accuracy of these ladies!


Now on this one I may be biased, but the Marching Cards half-time shows are one of the best parts of a football game besides winning. The Marching Cards halftime shows have featured an array of artists from Fall Out Boy to the queen herself, Beyoncé! If you attend a game this fall, stick around during half-time and watch them spell out C-A-R-D-S or even make a horse run across the field!

4. Cards Cheer

It starts low and slow and builds into a loud roar of clapping, followed by a unison C-A-R-D-S while you throw your arms up accordingly. The Cards cheer is taught to every UofL student from the beginning at orientation. It’s the quintessential source of hype at any UofL event.

5. Alma Mater

You can only see this gem if you stick around at the end of a game and it is totally worth the wait in traffic. Rain or shine, win or lose, the football team runs over to the band and together they sing the University of Louisville Alma Mater. The feeling of unity in this moment is like none other, accompanying our celebration of a win or uplifting our team in a loss. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

Happy football season and remember, GO CARDS!

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