11 Things You Learn As A College Freshman
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Student Life

11 Things You Learn As A College Freshman

Besides you know, actual learning

11 Things You Learn As A College Freshman

You just graduated from high school. Achievement unlocked. Next step: college! You hear from everybody that it's going to be a challenge, and that you have to work harder than you ever had worked before. But you got this. You got the dorm, you got your fall schedule ready, you packed all your essentials, pledge to abandon your bad study habits from high school, and embark on the next chapter in your life. As a college freshman you're ready for anything, everything, anytime, anywhere. Sort of.

1. You're perpetually broke.

With each swipe of your credit/debit card, you feel like you lost a piece of your soul. Food, clothes, supplies, textbooks, its always never ending and its always depressing. You're always broke so you're grateful for $5 halal and free giveaways of anything on campus.

2. You have no free time.

Let's see, this Friday there's a party down the street, but I have an English post due at midnight, a lap report due Monday, an exam on Wednesday and whoa -- wait -- there's a quiz in Calc Monday too?! The truth is no matter how you schedule your term, you never have free time. Even when you think you have free time, you know you have something better to do. When it hits you that you have so much stuff to do, working at McDonald's seems pretty good. In the land of college, you never have free time, just the illusion of it. Use your illusion wisely.

3. Your professors are people too.

It always depends on the kind of teacher you have. Some are amazing, some are less than amazing. You can reach out, get their help, and might even see they're pretty chill people. Unlike high school, you can actually be on a friend/colleague level. They're all not going to hold your hand though because its college. They're busy, they have their own lives, they have their own problems.

4. Opportunities -- go get them.

Unlike in high school where you get notified about every little thing that's happening, in college you have to make an effort to look for things. Want more money? Look for work study. Want to be a part of a club? Go look for one. Want to meet new people? Join an activity. College is a big place and you're a tiny part of it so you better stay active and informed. Opportunities come and go pretty quick so you better take the chance when you get it.

5. Nobody cares.

College is known to be a chill environment because everybody is. When you first get to college, you're uptight, polished, and eager to work. By the end of fall, you're contemplating whether to skip class or dinner. Nothing seems to bother you. There's little judgement cast. If you're late, the professor probably won't care. But if you fail, forget to do a paper, couldn't register for a class, that's your fault anyways. Its called personal responsibility for a reason. You're the only person that can push yourself to do stuff. So if you can handle that responsibility, great. Just don't do anything stupid.

6. What's a snow day?

LOL this isn't high school. Classes are almost never cancelled due to weather. You also pay for them too. Better layer up, its slippery out there.

7. You get super punctual.

The professor asked you to turn in your paper at 11:59 p.m. so that's when he will get it. If you're feeling extra punctual that night, 11:50 p.m.

8. Sleep is a scarcity.

Nine a.m. classes are the worse. So are 8 a.m. exam times. You often find yourself setting your alarm for 10 minutes for a quick nap. You might even nap in class. I even go to the library for the sole purpose of napping. Get use to it, this is your life now.

9. Everybody is super nice to you.

Like a child that gets to sit at the grownup table, upperclassmen will more or less treat you like that. They've been where you were and think its adorable you feel like college is hard as a freshman. Wait until sophomore year kid. They'll help provide advice like what classes to take and what professors to avoid. Professors think you remind them of their own kids who are probably in college right now too. Everybody is understanding to your plights but its good to show off you're not totally helpless. So any good leadership skills you possess, better make it known.

10. You deeply appreciate the curve.

Got a 78 on the final? No problem, the class average will get curved to an 80. So clutch. There are some classes that won't give a curve but the ones that do have it for a reason and its probably because of people like you.

11. Adulthood.

You're 18 years old, a legal adult in an institution that will help you become more like an adult. The last time you'll ever be a student, go to school, be a part of clubs, etc. After this, you'll set off and get a job. Goodbye, childhood. Whether that realization gives you joy or solemn, you better take the time right now to enjoy it while it lasts. High school passed by super quick. College will, too. Enjoy the experiences you'll have because this is the last time you'll ever be a freshman.

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