Top 5 Hardcore Yoga Moves You Can Try

Top 5 Hardcore Yoga Moves You Can Try

Yoga Moves You Really Can Do

Yoga can be one of the most relaxing exercises out there, but it can also be one of the most challenging. The benefits are enormous, attesting to the multitude of people practicing each day. So, should you try it? Let’s look at five hardcore moves that can give you a different challenge to add to your workout program:

1. Chair Pose

This move appears to be a simple standing position, but it adds the difficulty of balancing. To perform this, you must stand in an upright position with your feet together and arms tightly at your side. Then imagine that you are sitting down in a chair, but you must keep your back parallel with the rest of your body. Once you are comfortably in this position, raise your arms up to the ceiling and hold.

2. Camel Pose

Stretching your entire body, the camel pose is not your normal stretch. It is a backbend that uses your thighs to hinge back on in order to get the full stretch. First, start by getting down on your knees. Then, pushing yourself back with your thigh muscles to slowly lean back. After this, place your hands on your feet and raise your chest to the ceiling.

3. Downward Dog

Are you familiar with the plank? You know, the position where you are on all fours, kneeling on your forearms and tiptoes while hovering over top of the floor? Well, the downward dog is an extension of this. If you start from this position, you would push yourself back, extending your arms and pressing your feet down as far into the floor as they will go.

4. Warrior III

Using your entire body to maintain your balance on one foot, this is by far the most hardcore yoga move. Starting with both feet on the floor, you will step into a side lunge. Then, pivoting your body and your feet, bend your right leg. Step off that leg, bringing your left leg off the floor. Slowly extend it, so it is straight. Straighten your right leg and extend your arms forward. You are now in the Warrior III position.

5. Crow

You will need a very strong upper body to do this move. Kneel down, as if you are about to sit on the floor. Your feet should be a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. Then put your hands in-between your feet. Slowly lift yourself up off the floor, using your arms to maintain your position over the floor.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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To The Man Who Catcalled Me

You've probably already forgotten about me, but I can't forget about you.

Dear Asshole,

First of all, screw you.

I don't know you, but you tried talking to me anyway.

You thought you had a right to raise your voice and call to me--as if I'm a dog, as if I should listen when you speak. You don't deserve my attention.

Unfortunately, I heard every word that passed through your lips.

You went out of your way to make me feel small. I pretended not to hear what you said, but I carried it with me the entire way home.

You probably forgot about it, but your words echoed in my ears for hours. Your stupid comment caused me more pain than I'd like to admit.

How dare you take a few seconds of your life to waste hours of mine.

You made me feel dirty in my own skin.

I went home and didn't want to look at myself in the mirror because all I could feel was shame.

I wondered if I could've done something differently to avoid you--wore less makeup, maybe; anything to avoid comments like yours.

It's not me that's the problem, though. It's you. What kind of man behaves the way that you did? Your words were hurtful, whether or not you intended them to be.

You took my self-confidence and my peace of mind away from me in a matter of seconds.

Before you, I felt good.

I wasn't doing anything to deserve your attention--I was just waiting at a traffic light.

It doesn't matter what I was doing, really. You had no reason to call out to me, to speak to me with no regard for my humanity, but you did it anyway.

You've probably already forgotten about me, but I can't forget about you.

The amount of time I've spent thinking about what you said is far more than you deserve.

You don't deserve a letter. You deserve a kick in the balls.

Regardless, this is a message for you, or men like you, who think that catcalling complete strangers is okay.

Attention all assholes:

I am female, but that does not mean that I am fragile.

My body is not yours. It is no one else's. It is mine.

Sexualizing my body is not a compliment.

I am more than a body. I am a person. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover.

I don't deserve to be talked to like a piece of meat.

I am not here for your pleasure.

I am tired of being just a body. Women are tired of being just bodies. We are more than that--we are smart, we are strong, we are worthy of respect.

If you cannot speak to women with respect, you do not deserve to speak at all.

I hope you think about what you said, even for a moment.

I hope you never speak to another woman the way you spoke to me.

I hope you realized something from this experience, like I did.

Because you catcalled me, I remembered my worth.


A Woman Who's Tired Of This Shit

Cover Image Credit: Nicole Borneman

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I'm Headed Back To The Water

Water Is Home. Just Dive In.

When I was a little girl my grandfather and mama taught me how to swim. I fell in love with the water and frankly, swimming was something I excelled at. They taught me how to swim before I could walk. Once I was a little bit older my parents quickly enrolled me in Red Cross swim lessons at a local pool. By the age of four I was swimming on a summer league team, and by eight, I was swimming competitively year round.

The water is where I feel at home. I’m not clumsy or awkward. I move fluidly with strength and speed. When I’m in the water, the world disappears. I get to be in my own head, working towards a goal while not worrying about my surroundings. So, I’m headed back to the water.

I know I will not be swimming the way I once did. I’m not looking to be a competitive swimmer again. I have no desire to wake up before the crack of dawn to hop in an icy cold pool. I’m going back to the water to find myself again. To find the girl who had a lot more confidence than I currently do. To find the girl who trusted her body to make the right movements and get her to where she needed to be. I’m looking to find the physical strength and endurance I once had that has since been lost.

When in the water, I feel safe because of the confidence I have in my ability, but also because I trust my body. I’ve never been scared that I would drown because I knew my body would get me back to the wall or would automatically bring me to the surface. I don’t place the same trust in my body while on land. I’m much more clumsy; it doesn't matter if I’m walking or running. I’ve fallen down the stairs, up the stairs, and tripped over my own feet.

When I stopped swimming, I lost myself. I think it’s time I find myself again.

Cover Image Credit: Maxwell Gifted on Unsplash

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