Yoga can be one of the most relaxing exercises out there, but it can also be one of the most challenging. The benefits are enormous, attesting to the multitude of people practicing each day. So, should you try it? Let’s look at five hardcore moves that can give you a different challenge to add to your workout program:

1. Chair Pose

This move appears to be a simple standing position, but it adds the difficulty of balancing. To perform this, you must stand in an upright position with your feet together and arms tightly at your side. Then imagine that you are sitting down in a chair, but you must keep your back parallel with the rest of your body. Once you are comfortably in this position, raise your arms up to the ceiling and hold.

2. Camel Pose

Stretching your entire body, the camel pose is not your normal stretch. It is a backbend that uses your thighs to hinge back on in order to get the full stretch. First, start by getting down on your knees. Then, pushing yourself back with your thigh muscles to slowly lean back. After this, place your hands on your feet and raise your chest to the ceiling.

3. Downward Dog

Are you familiar with the plank? You know, the position where you are on all fours, kneeling on your forearms and tiptoes while hovering over top of the floor? Well, the downward dog is an extension of this. If you start from this position, you would push yourself back, extending your arms and pressing your feet down as far into the floor as they will go.

4. Warrior III

Using your entire body to maintain your balance on one foot, this is by far the most hardcore yoga move. Starting with both feet on the floor, you will step into a side lunge. Then, pivoting your body and your feet, bend your right leg. Step off that leg, bringing your left leg off the floor. Slowly extend it, so it is straight. Straighten your right leg and extend your arms forward. You are now in the Warrior III position.

5. Crow

You will need a very strong upper body to do this move. Kneel down, as if you are about to sit on the floor. Your feet should be a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. Then put your hands in-between your feet. Slowly lift yourself up off the floor, using your arms to maintain your position over the floor.