Top 5 Halsey Songs You Should Listen To!
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Top 5 Halsey Songs You Should Listen To!

Top 5 Halsey Songs You Should Listen To!
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If you don't know who Ashley Frangipane "Halsey" is, you're seriously missing out. Special shout out to my cousin, Ashley, who introduced me to her a while back, her music is seriously amazing. She sings about heartbreak, bending rules, and bad boys - but trust me she's NOTHING like Taylor Swift. She's edgier with a mouth, her lyrical songs bring light to something we can all relate to, and she doesn't sugarcoat any of those experiences. Here are my top 5 songs you NEED to listen by her with loud speakers and a box of tissues nearby.

1. "Is There Somewhere"

This song will make you fall in love, and in a sense this will bring up old memories. I figured this song by her is something related to the first time you fall in love, falling into submission with someone else because of the emotions you can't control. Hence, "is there somewhere you can meet me?" emphasizes the need to not feel alone in the whirlwind of confusion and frustration when it comes to love. Plus I guarantee you'll get goosebumps when she sings "I'm sorry but I fell in love tonight, you're looking like you fell in love tonight, can we pretend that we're in love?" I know I cried a little. This song has a nice indie feel mixed with pop and honestly, this song out of my list has a strong sense of rawness to it. I'm in love with it.

2. "Ghost"

This one is also one of my favorites because she talks about searching for something in someone that isn't essentially there. It's a sad song and it isn't meant to be taken lightly; "My ghost where'd you go? I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me." That's seriously depressing. For those people out there who like music with meaning, this has a lot to it.

3. "Colors"

Colors has a record right now for being one of her most intense songs, how she relates sex and drugs to certain colors. I like the song but some parts do get extremely intense with her lyrical riddles, and if that's not enough, this song is about The 1975's Matty Healy as she calls him out on his drug use and his rejection towards her. Again, Halsey isn't for the light-hearted. You have to be able to decipher her hidden messages AND handle the raunchiness in her music.

4. "Hurricane"

The basis of this song explains how she belongs to nobody but herself, regardless of what she does for cheap thrills. It's a great song to listen to and it teaches a bit about self belonging. You don't belong to anybody but yourself. I like the music video too, it's got an old vintage feel! I highly recommend checking it out sometime soon.

5. "Coming Down"

If you liked Is There Somewhere and Ghost, you'll DEFINITELY love Coming Down. It's similar to these two songs in a way that she talks about a certain somebody and how she finds everything in him at once. Her way with words will honestly put you in a trance and beg for more. Warning: the lyrics get raunchy and sexual. Again, Halsey's goal in her music isn't to sugarcoat anything.

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