Top 5 Games Of The 2016 College Football Season
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Top 5 Games Of The 2016 College Football Season

There's Clemson, Bama, and everyone else.

Top 5 Games Of The 2016 College Football Season
Sports Illustrated

The 2016 college football season, like most seasons, brought us a fair few games that will stick in the collective memory for a long time (at least until next season). Here are the top five games of the 2016 college football season.

5. Texas vs. Notre Dame

What a way to finish off the opening weekend of the 2016 season. Coming in, Notre Dame touted a potent offense featuring high-round draft prospect DeShone Kizer, but Texas had a formidable offense of its own behind the thrilling rushing ability of D'Onta Foreman. This game had so many twists and turns including a blocked extra point that tied the game. In the end, the Longhorns powered the ball into the endzone to take the game in double overtime.

4. Clemson vs. Louisville

This was easily the best quarterback matchup going in, and the game itself did not disappoint. Both Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson got their fair share of moments to shine. In the second half, the game looked more like a track meet than a football game. Both offenses appeared to march up and down the field at will. In the end, it was Clemson's defense that sealed the game with a crucial stop.

3. Georgia vs. Tennessee

As a person that goes to college in Georgia, I can say that I saw the after effects of this game for weeks after the clock hit zero. This game had one of the best finishes I have seen in years. Georgia quarterback Jacob Eason delivered a beautiful ball down the sideline to give UGA the lead late in the fourth quarter. Then, the impossible happened. Josh Dobbs launched a prayer toward the endzone, and the prayer was answered giving the Volunteers the last-second victory.

2. Ohio State vs. Michigan

Rivalry. Controversy. Overtime. These are the things that go into an instant classic, and this iteration of "The Game" was an absolute classic. Neither team seemed quite ready to let the game go, and neither offense could quite get it going. The game went from good to great when OSU quarterback JT Barrett lunged to first down marker and appeared to be just short. However, the officials determined that Barrett did in fact reach the yard-to-gain. Jim Harbaugh was absolutely apoplectic on the sideline. That conversion lead to the game-tying field goal and, eventually, the win for the Buckeyes.

1. Alabama vs. Clemson

Was there really any other choice? I know this is probably the recency bias talking, but I think we just witnessed one of the best national championship games of all time. Who would have thought that we would get a sequel that was better than the original. Once again, "little old" Clemson faced off against big, bad Bama for the title. Few gave, including myself, Clemson any chance to dethrone the Crimson Tide, and it did not look good for the Tigers early. Bo Scarborough plowed through Clemson's defense for two scores. However, the Tigers never folded, and they continued to chip away at the Bama lead. The fourth quarter featured two fantastic Clemson drives. The last drive gave Clemson the lead for good as Deshaun Watson tossed it to a wide open Hunter Renfrow for the game-winner. Congrats to Clemson on winnning their first national title since 1981!

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