Disney has made some of most important animated movies of many children's childhoods, including my own. Some movies rise above the rest and here they are

1. Moana

Music from Lin-Manuel Miranda and beautiful animation makes for a blockbuster. One of Disney's newest creations, Moana is a powerful story of a chief’s daughter trying to save her island from a terrible curse by returning a goddess’s heart back to her. The plot twist is heartwarming and surprising and the animation is absolutely astounding. Also, Dwayne Johnson voices Maui, which is one of the best reasons to watch it.

2. Big Hero 6

For all those comic book fans and Marvel fans, Big Hero 6 revolves around a team of six teenagers trying to solve the mystery surrounding the fire that caused the death of the main character's elder brother. You will fall in love with Baymax, the lovable robot companion, and you might just cry a little bit. Or a lot, depending on how attached you get to characters. Additionally, look out for gratuitous Stan Lee cameo. I had to watch it a couple times before I eventually caught it.

3. Mulan

“Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns.” If you didn't sing that in your head, you are lying to yourself. Mulan can be noted as one of the most badass princesses in Disney’s history. She overcomes obstacles of prejudice against her gender and fights hard to save her family and her country. She doesn't let other people's ideas of how she should be dictate how she will be and, eventually, she uses her femininity to defeat the villain. Mulan is a brilliant and strong female character; she is someone I always looked up to as a child and I still do, all these years later.

4. Hunchback of Notre Dame

Most likely, one of Disney's darkest animations. It deals with racial, especially with the Romani people, and disabled prejudice. We don't have a princess in need of saving. Rather, we have a young man trying to live and cope with his disfigurement as well as abuse from his guardian. Hunchback probably has one of the best written villains with Frollo because he genuinely believes he is doing God's work when, in actuality, he does some of the most dispicable things a Disney villain has ever done. Extremely visually pleasing and fantastic music.

5. Lilo and Stitch

How can anyone not love Lilo and Stitch? People always say that Frozen was the first Disney movie to focus on sisterly love and those people need to shut their mouths because Lilo and Stitch does exactly that. Nani, a nineteen year old woman, takes care of her younger sister after their parents’ death and does everything she can to keep her safe. Also, we see that family isn't something you are born into. It is something that we can make. Sometimes families can be three aliens, two human girls, and an FBI agent, which sounds weird if you've never seen this movie.