"The Simpsons," "Family Guy," "Bob's Burgers," "American Dad," and "The Cleveland Show" are all cartoons that center around American families who are all very dysfunctional but also very hilarious. The TV shows have had crossover events, highlighting how similar and different the five families are. One of the things that unites all five families, though, is that they all own couches.

The couch is a staple in American living rooms and it is only fitting that cartoon families have their own. The couches are all different and unique in their own ways and they also add to the personalities that the families have overall as a group.

Below is a ranking of five couches owned by some of animation's craziest American families.

5. The Smiths from "American Dad"

The Smith family, honestly, has a 'just OK' couch. If clothes don't make a man, decorations don't make a couch and the Smith's family couch is proof of that. Even with its two decorative pillows and blanket, it does not have an aesthetically pleasing design nor does it look very comfortable.

4. The Simpsons from "The Simpsons"

The Simpsons undeniably have the most iconic couch (*Kanye voice* of all time) considering its role in the opening of each episode, but it is still basic and seems like it would be made of an uncomfortable fabric. Iconic but still regular.

3. The Griffins from "Family Guy"

The Griffins' couch has not changed much since "Family Guy" first aired in 1999. While maintaining its original frame, it definitely has become more detailed which is directly related to the animation style of "Family Guy" evolving over time. But, what puts it ahead of the couches of "American Dad" and "The Simpsons?" It seems comfy and it is a pretty purple.

2. The Belchers from "Bob's Burgers"

The "Bob's Burgers" couch appears to be the largest couch of all the five television shows. Its large size combined with the decorative blanket and the Belchers' complete desperation to get the couch back after replacing it ("Sacred Couch") make it one of the best couches to grace our screens.

1. The Browns from " The Cleveland Show"

While "The Cleveland Show" may have ended in 2013 (leading the Brown family to move from Stoolbend to Quaghog to appear as regulars on "Family Guy"), it is the Browns who own the best couch out of all of the families. It is a soft green, spacious, and has a matching ottoman foot rest. It isn't the most iconic but it is still the best.