My Top 12 Favorite Television Mothers
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My Top 12 Favorite Television Mothers

Moms That I Learned To Love

My Top 12 Favorite Television Mothers

Mothers are one of the greatest beings given to man. They’re loving, nurturing, caring, and protective amongst many other things. No matter what we do or how we treat them, they will always be there to pick us up and dust us off whenever we fall down. Some of our favorite television mothers that we know and love do an absolutely fantastic job with portraying the attitudes and characteristics of an actual mother. Though there are many TV moms that I could go on about, my top twelve favorites are the ones listed below.

12. Cookie Lyon – "Empire"

Actress: Taraji P. Henson

Despite her troubled past and super feisty ways, this mama bear knows how to take care of her three little cubs. Whenever her kids (Andre, Jamal and Hakeem) have a problem, they know that they can count on their hot-headed mama because she’ll always be there to back them up.

Favorite Moment: When she came back determined as ever to get her company back.

11. Mabel Thomas – "What’s Happening!!"

Actress: Mabel King

Even though she later left the show, Raj and Dee’s hard-working “mama” was always the voice of reason whenever they had a problem or concern.

Favorite Moment: Whenever she'd help Raj deal with a personal problem.

10. Rebecca “Becky” Donaldson Katsopolis – "Full House"

Actress: Lori Loughlin

Raising twins doesn’t sound easy, but Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse did a great job at loving and taking care of the two cuties. Not only was she a mother to the twins, but she was a mother figure for her three nieces DJ, Stephanie and Michelle.

Favorite Moment: The day she gave birth to her twins.

9. Lucy Ricardo – "I Love Lucy"

Actress: Lucille Ball

Just like his father, Little Ricky was interested in the music world, and Lucy more than encouraged his musical talents. Everyone needs a fun, encouraging mother like Lucy who will help you overcome the obstacles to achieving your dreams.

Favorite Moment: The times when she performed on stage with Little Ricky.

8. Tanya Baxter – "That’s So Raven"

Actress: T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh

Fun. Hip. Spunky…three terms that describe Tanya Baxter. Mrs. Baxter was always down to bond and do fun things with her daughter Raven. She was hilarious yet firm when she needed to be.

Favorite Moment: When she subtly told off the Boyz N' Motion for flaking on Raven but in the end they pulled through.

7. Viola “Vy” Smith – "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Actress: Vernee Watson

Though she didn’t appear on the show as a regular, it was hard to not remember Vy’s appearance in episodes. With her strong and strict persona, you wouldn’t want to mess with her and especially her son. She was the type of mother who told you exactly how it was whether you wanted to hear it or not, but loved you to pieces.

Favorite Moment: Whenever she came to visit Will.

6. Lisa Landry – "Sister, Sister"

Actress: Jackée Harry

What’s cooler than having a mom as a fashion designer? Lisa was the epitome of classy with a dash of fierceness. She was a goofy and extremely understanding person that was fun to be around. She showed that dreams do come true if you keep pursuing them.

Favorite Moment: Lisa's wedding day.

5. Edith Bunker – "All in the Family"

Actress: Jean Stapleton

The first word that comes to mind about Edith is sweet (the total opposite of her husband). Probably the nicest mom in TV history, Edith was such a pleasant, compassionate person. She was the type of mom you would go to with any problem you might have because she was just that understanding and loving.

Favorite Moment: The show's theme song.

4. Caroline Ingalls – "Little House on the Prairie"

Actress: Karen Grassle

Raising seven with a low income of money was difficult but Mrs. Ingalls pulled it off. Her hard-working, sweet self showed that even with a low cash flow and seven kids to raise, you can still push through and be content with life despite the hardships you might go through.

Favorite Moment: When her and Charles (her husband) remained calm when both of their daughters (Laura and Mary) had to have surgery in the same day.

3. Vivian Banks – "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Actresses: Janet Hubert & Daphne Maxwell Reid

A no nonsense mama with three kids (later on four) and a troublesome nephew to raise, Vivian was very much like her sister Vy. They both don’t take any mess from people and deeply care about their children. If you ever have a problem with anyone and need a fierce mother to have your back, find yourself a Vy and Vivian.

Favorite Moment: When she showed everyone in her dance class how capable she was of dancing.

2. Florida Evans – "Good Times"

Actress: Esther Rolle

Motivational and the anchor of her hilarious family, Florida was the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. Raising up her three kids in the ghetto was difficult and challenging but in the end, everything worked out for the best.

Favorite Moment: The last episode of the series: when everyone moved on to better and bigger things.

1. Clair Huxtable – "The Cosby Show"

Actress: Phylicia Rashad

A beautiful triple threat - mother, wife and attorney, Clair was mom goals. She was smart, sophisticated and could classily put someone in their rightful place. Despite the scandal surrounding the show, one can’t deny that she’s one of the greatest TV mothers of all time.

Favorite Moment: When she told off Elvin's sexist self (at the time; he later on changed) in such an iconic way.

Have a spectacular week! xo

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