Top 10 TV Show Characters That Will Always Melt Your Heart
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Top 10 Most Charming TV Show Characters That Will Always Melt Your Heart

And we can't deny it.

Top 10 Most Charming TV Show Characters That Will Always Melt Your Heart
The CW

Everyone loves a nice heartthrob in their favorite TV show, and there are some characters that you can't help but swoon over. As a conscious adult, I've learned that the stereotypical protagonist that catches your eye and steals your heart doesn't always have to be male. There are so many characters that have personalities that stand out and make the list of the "Top 10 TV Show Characters That Will Always Melt Your Heart."

For the record, these 10 characters were chosen from shows that I've watched, so everyone else's list might be different.

10. Neal Caffrey [White Collar]

Matt Bomer's character in the show White Collar is charismatic, attention-hungry, and you can't help but love him. Neal definitely steals your heart and his character makes you hooked on the show.

9. Nate Archibald [Gossip Girl]

If you don't love Nate Archibald by the end of Gossip Girl, then you don't have a heart. Chace Crawford's portrayal of the upper-class heir makes it so hard to not feel for him and love him as the show goes on.

8. Brooke Davis [One Tree Hill]

Brooke Davis is the icon of feminism and woman in business that every television show needs. She is seriously one of the best characters in any TV show, ever.

7. Lorelai Gilmore [Gilmore Girls]

Lorelai Gilmore is another symbol of feminism and powerful female icons. It's hard to not be drawn to her individuality, uniqueness, and witty humor. Not to mention, she's addicted to coffee, just like all of us.

6. Joey Tribbiani [Friends]

When Joey hits you with the "how you doin'" it's hard to not get butterflies. Matt LaBlanc's character is seriously the smoothest ever. Literally ever. That's all.

5. Schmidt [New Girl]

Not only is he clearly in shape, but his quirky personality and weird habits also make you love him. Everything he does makes you fall for him more and more in every episode.

4. Eleanor Shellstrop [The Good Place]

There's something about the mysteriousness of Kristen Bell's character in The Good Place and that draws you towards her story and plot. It's not hard to love Eleanor, and your love grows with her character development.

3. Donna Pinciotti [That's 70s Show]

Donna's dry humor and constant sass make her one of the funniest and appealing characters in That's 70s Show. While the show may not be as popular as some of the other ones on this list, it is truly full of the humor and charisma that you want from a good TV show.

2. Damon Salvatore [The Vampire Diaries]

Everyone always says that Damon is hotter than Stephen, but what makes it real is that Damon grew emotionally throughout the entirety of the show. You learn to realize that there's more than physical appearance when it comes to Damon.

1. Archie Andrews [Riverdale]

Okay, so Archie Andrews is probably the most sexualized television character ever. And I mean ever. But because of that and his emotional distress throughout the entirety of the show, you learn to love him and grow closer to him.

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