10 Truths All INTJ Personaity Types Know To Be True
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10 Truths All INTJ Personaity Types Know To Be True

Don't take us too seriously, we don't take ourselves seriously, until we're absolutely serious.

10 Truths All INTJ Personaity Types Know To Be True
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INTJ’s are one of the most rare personality types. The American population consists of 3% male INTJ’s and 1% female INTJ’s. I am of the one percent, as I am a female INTJ. Personally, I have only met one other INTJ, and it was a male. According to HubPages, for every five hundred women, only four have an INTJ personality type.

For all who do not know, INTJ’s are characterized by Myers Briggs as;

“Have original minds and great drive for implementing their ideas and achieving their goals. Quickly see patterns in external events and develop long-range explanatory perspectives. When committed, organize a job and carry it through. Skeptical and independent, have high standards of competence and performance - for themselves and others.”

Last week, one of my roommates found some Pins about INTJ’s on Pinterest and began reading them to me. Naturally, I became extremely introspective—as if I’m not already. I spent a lot of time analyzing myself and how I live after she read these to me and found that The Sixteen Types has 30 different INTJ facts. While many resonated with me, here are my top 10 favorite truths about INTJ’s, described from and INTJ’s point of view—sarcastically and facetiously.

1. INTJ’s spend a lot of time in their own minds.

There is never a moment where we are not overanalyzing and re-thinking everything. Whether by ourselves or with a group of friends, we will constantly be in conversation in our minds.

2. INTJ’s have very evolved intuitions, and are convinced that they are right.

Yes, we are right. If not 100% of the time, at least 99%. It’s usually because we are intuitive and have had a lot of life experience. I guess we can sometimes come off strong, but we can’t help it if we’re just right.

3. INTJ’s may find themselves frequently misunderstood.

No, we do not hate you, we generally have RBF. It’s just our facial disposition, please don’t hate us for something we can’t control.

4. INTJ’s typically don’t feel the need to express affection.

Because, why show affection if we don’t have to?

5. INTJ’s don’t take criticism personally. They’re open to changing their opinions.

We just want to become better people. We will point out your shortcomings and expect you to point out ours, is that so hard to ask?

6. INTJ’s may be cuttingly derisive and sarcastic towards others.

We are not sarcastic *she said in absolute monotone*

7. INTJ’s are able to see problems from many different angles.

If you tell us your problems, we will analyze them from every perspective known to mankind. Also, if engaged in discussion, we will play devil’s advocate for an arbitrary topic, and you will not know if we are being serious.

8. INTJ’s dislike messiness and inefficiency, and anything that is muddled or unclear.

We need organization, productivity, and clarity.

9. INTJ’s may be seen as aloof and reserved by others.

This one is true in some senses. We are reserved and aloof, until you get to know us. You will see that we have excitable and, dare I say, extroverted qualities. And then you realize that although we can be fun, we are still aloof and reserved. But it’s okay, because you like us.

10. INTJ’s work best alone, and prefer to work alone.

Group projects are the bane of our existence.

So, don't take us too seriously. We don't take ourselves seriously, unless we're being absolutely serious.

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