Top 10 Things Millennials Have 'Killed'
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Top 10 Things Millennials Have 'Killed'

Are you really a millennial if you haven't killed at least one industry?

Top 10 Things Millennials Have 'Killed'
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We all know millennials are serial killers, constantly killing/ruining institutions, industries, chains, businesses and traditions. We all have blood on our hands; we’re heartless. The truth probably comes closer to the fact that as a generation with barely any money and thousands in student debt, we often refrain from purchasing/engaging in things that simply makes no economic sense, but that doesn’t sound as fun. So here’s a list of ten things that millennials have ruthlessly killed:

1. Soap Bars

Millennials killed soap, with a preference for liquid soap, we managed to reduce the bar soap sales 2.2% from 2014 to 2015. The article also mentions that the reason for this decline could also be blamed on the insurgence of moisturizing products on the market, but again, not as fun.

2. Fabric Softener

Procter & Gamble, one of the biggest producers of the product is blaming millennials for the significant decrease in its sale. Millennials just don’t seem to be buying fabric softener. They killed fabric softener by realizing just how utterly ridiculous the product is, and what a big waste of money it is.

3. Light Yogurt

Light yogurt sales dropped $200 million from roughly $1.2 billion to $1 billion, according to Nielsen data. Millennials don't seem to enjoy the product that was once a staple food in America, and therefore have killed yogurt.

4. Serendipity

Not anything specific, just the entire noun itself, murdered. Due to dating apps and the refusal of millennials to let fate play a role in their love lives, millennials have actively killed serendipity.

5. Brunch

Now this one is a little unique. You see millennials haven’t killed brunch, they’ve just ruined it by doing it too much and posting too many pictures of it on Instagram. And frankly, how dare they?

6. Baby Names

This author essentially blames millenials for killing the ‘Micheal’s and Jessica’s’ because millenials have been proven to shy away from more typical names and go for stranger and more unique names. The audacity.

7. Movies

We killed the movie industry. The reason floated for this was that because millennials are unable to part from their phones they, therefore, cannot go to the movies, where they would be required to stop using them for an hour and a half. Of course, that is the most logical reason; it's definitely not because most millennials tend towards streaming, whether illegally, or on sites like Netflix. It is most definitely because they cannot stop texting.

8. Democracy in a broad sense

Millennials killed democracy because they don’t protest things enough, they don’t ask for enough change, they are generation 'sore loser.’

9. America

The large out-pour of millennial support for socialist candidates like Bernie Sanders have proven that millennials are going to kill America. If something like universal healthcare can destroy all of America, I think we have bigger problems.

10. Loyalty

Because a survey showed that millennials were more likely to leave their current jobs/companies if provided better offers and opportunities, they have killed loyalty. Although I’m not sure if refusing to leave a job or company if you get a better offer is loyalty or stupidity, but either way right?

So let's take a moment to mourn the death of various institutions and industries we have singlehandedly killed.

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