Top 10 Songs From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Top 10 Songs from Crazy ex-girlfriend

Energy in space was the ultimate bad father!


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a musical comedy drama from the beloved CW. I love this show with all my heart. It makes me laugh, cry, and question life. The show is unique in the sense that it talks about important issues through songs. Each season has had major bops, but season three really took home the grammy. Here is my top 10 countdown list of my favorites!


10. "Miracle of Birth"

Ahh yes, the miracle of birth; a beautiful, yet terrifying thing. In this season, Heather becomes Darryl's surrogate and they show her about to give birth. Paula, a mother of two, steps in to enlighten the young girl about the journey she is about to embark on once she is in labor. She sings about the pain and all the gruesome details that come along with birth, all while remaining annoyingly upbeat. The tempo of the song and the word choice make it hilarious and memorable.

9. "The Moment is Me"

This was definitely one of my favorites, because it is a song where young Heather is shown feeling confused about her life after college graduation. She sings about what she is going to do now that she has graduated. For the past two seasons, her catchphrase was, "I'm a student" and in this moment, she realizes she can't say she is any longer. Heather feels lost because a student is all she has ever been, which I'm sure is relatable to many college students and newly college grads out there, struggling to find their true calling.

8. "Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too"

The title alone is enough to get a sarcastic laugh out of anyone who does not match the description. I loved the scene where the three most fit guys on the show, Josh, White Josh, and Nathaniel begin to dance shirtless, complaining about their problems. They want to make the point that even though they're attractive and healthy, that they still have problems, like the rest of us. Do they have that many problems? That's for you to decide.

7. "I Go To The Zoo"

I laughed out loud multiple times as Nathaniel, big, buff Nathaniel, sang passionately about going to the zoo when he is upset about something. One part is about the zoo being closed so he ends up going to the aquarium. It's such a random bit to do but I think it showed the side of Nathaniel that we didn't usually get to see on the show, in a comedic way.

6. "Where’s Rebecca Bunch"

The season starts off with the residents of West Covina singing this song, dressed as though they were from colonial times. The tempo of the song and the lyrics were very catchy. "Where's Rebecca Bunch?" "I've got a hunch!" says Heather, who says she does not and that she just liked the rhyme shortly after. It's funny but suspenseful. The song leaves the viewer wanting to know where Rebecca is.

5. "Without Love You Can Save the World"

We've all been there; we've all felt like love is a hard concept to understand. The great thing about this song is that the show is based around a woman changing everything in her life for love. She chases it and wants it more than anything, but once she sees how it has destroyed her to love the wrong person, she realizes that maybe the only way to save herself is to stop loving. The song and video for the song is a bit extra, which is why it's so funny. It shows the entire cast wearing heart shirt with the hearts crossed out as they sing about the concept of not loving. Fun fact: when I first heard the song, I heard, "without love, you can save the whales, save the whales."

4. "Let's Generalize About Men"

A hilarious satire filled song about men. The lyrics are golden. The women begin singing about how ALL men are awful and end up saying that gay men are great, so the song turns into, "let's focus now on straight men, let's generalize about them." This is something many girls believe, which is why it's so funny to have it be shown in such a unique way.

3. "A Diagnosis"

Rebecca's diagnosis made it to my top three because this was the most relatable song in the entire show for me. She sings about the fact that she is finally going to receive a proper diagnosis. This news fills her with joy, because with it, she can seek proper treatment, to actually help her out. So many people are misdiagnosed everyday, by mental health and general health professionals. Feeling awful all the time and never knowing what you have or what you must do to fix it is frustrating, I know from experience. Doctors saying, "Take this, do this," and it not working is the worst. I love how this show shone a light onto this topic that is rarely ever talked about. Mental health illnesses are often just directly labelled as depression or anxiety, so finding out the truth is a huge breakthrough for anyone in a bad state.

2. "Life Doesn't Make Narrative Sense (The End of the Movie)"

No it does not. Life is a mess; a messy mess. The song shows Rebecca hitting rock bottom. She does not understand anything in her life anymore. The song shows that just when you think you have life figured out, something happens to completely throw you off. Life doesn't make sense like movies do. Life doesn't always have happy, picture perfect endings where everyone is pleased. People do things that don't make sense and hurt you in ways you never imagined could be possible. The song is raw and real and features the talented, Josh Groban, who sings his own name. What more could you want out of a song?

1. "Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault"

The song that I have listened to on repeat when I'm in a sad mood takes the number one spot. This is the most hyperbolic song I've ever head. Nathaniel and Rebecca sing passionately about how their mistake are not their fault; they are no ones fault because the big bang was "energy in space was the ultimate bad father." Rebecca is sitting in jail and the two sing their hearts out about not needing to take responsibilities for their actions. The humor in this song gets a little dark, but I love it so much.

If you want to listen to some quality hits or you just want a good laugh, go on over to Netflix to watch the full series, or to youtube to watch more of the songs from this amazing show!

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Cover Image Credit: Laura Warshauer

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Junior Year Was A Learning Experience About Who I Am In Order To Be The Best Version Of Myself

This year was a changing experience.


I walked inside with a sure enthusiasm that this year would be better than last. I told myself that I wasn't gonna man the same mistakes and fall into the same traps that can left my grades in the dust for so many years. I said that this was the first year I was going to be stress free and without any problems. I also said this would be the year I would get in shape and stop eating cookies but the day that I'm writing it is national chocolate chip cookie day and I'm enjoying a nice and warm one.

This year is puts so much stress on friendships and the way that people interact with one another. Everyone is so on edge due to a lack of sleep and understanding that we all can tend to lash out at each other even though we wouldn't if we weren't in that state of consistent tiredness and sadness. Running on 4-5 hours of sleep really makes it difficult to understand any conflict that may occur. For example, on the day of the hardest Chemistry test of the year, I saw two of my friends lash out at each other in a moment of pure emotion. But almost as fast as the argument began, it was over and they had overcome the conflict between them. It really is a testament to your connection with the other person if you can make it through the whole year without running into any problems. In terms of personal experiences, each day was a challenge due to the little brain function I had, but I managed to not give into my issues. I was able to work around them and keep myself going.

Junior year was an experience that I'm going to keep with me forever because of the good and the bad. First off, I would like to thank my parents for never giving me that resolved look of contempt or happiness. This only motivated me or to work harder and I would like to say that I think I made you guys proud with how hard I worked this year. The next people I would like to thank are my friends, you guys are the actual goats. I know that many of you guys don't know how much I appreciate you and I would like to say that I really take it to heart when you guys help me with a certain problem, whether its academic, social, or none of the above.

As for the plot that most people were waiting now, the grades of the haunted Junior Year. I consider myself to be a very average student and I thought that my grades were going to be once again average by junior year standards. I though that they were going to fall so low that I would not be asian failing anymore. Surprisingly, this was the first year out of all my years in high school that my hard work paid off with consistent grades. That does not mean good but that does not mean bad. As a junior at Northview, I was amongst the 200 that took 4 AP classes and etc etc. Grades do not have to define you and getting a single bad grade will not kill you is the lesson I learned this year. That was the single most important idea that I could have taken from this year because it gave me a new perspective on my education. It was time I lived a little.

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