Top 10 'Rick And Morty' Episodes

Top 10 'Rick And Morty' Episodes

Grab your portal guns and Szechwan sauce and let's get Schwifty.

Rick and Morty is a beloved show on Adult Swim surrounding the adventures of crazy mad scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his timid grandson, Morty. It's full of Sci-Fi fun, it's awesome, so I decided to make a list of the top ten Rick and Morty Episodes. (Rick and Morty is available for streaming on Hulu and

10. Meeseeks and Destroy

We get the introduction of everyone’s favorite blue helpers, the Meeseeks, and Morty gets to choose the adventure! The situations are funny- including Rick and Morty going to giant prison and the Meeseeks struggle to help Jerry. It’s definitely a good one.

Best Moment- When the Meeseeks hold a restaurant hostage so they can help Jerry.

9. Ricksy Business

When Jerry and Beth are out of town (on a Titanic themed cruise- mind you) Rick and Summer decide to throw their own parties, all while Morty tries to keep things under control. We get a crazy party, with both Summer’s Earth friends and Rick’s intergalactic friends in attendance. We even get the first appearance of Squancy and Birdperson!

Best Moment- Rick’s cosmic-drug infused “Rick Dance”.

8. The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

This is a Rick and Jerry episode!!!! Rick and Jerry adventure!!!! Anyway, as a favor to Morty, Rick takes a depressed Jerry on a pity adventure to an alien resort covered in an immortality field. But things get complicated when some alien thugs make Jerry an offer he can’t refuse.

Best Moment- When Rick drags Jerry out of his dank apartment for an adventure.

7. Pickle Rick

Few episodes are as iconic as the one where Rick turns himself into a pickle. Although he originally just turned himself into a pickle to avoid therapy, Rick finds himself becoming a full-on action hero, while still being a pickle. The side story sees the Smith family (minus Jerry) at therapy, and that can be really funny, and even surreal, too.

Best Moment- When Pickle Rick and Jaguar team up.

6. Rixty Minutes/ Interdimensional Cable 2- Tempting Fate

I couldn’t choose between the two episode featuring the interdimensional cable box. They both deal with Rick and Morty viewing crazy programs from across the multiverse. Both are funny, have interesting side plots and most importantly, both showcase a variety of improvised programs from across the multiverse.

Best Moments: When the Smith Family visit the Hamsters that live in Butts world (Rixty Minutes) The demonstration on how Plumbuses are made. (Interdimensional Cable 2- Tempting Fate)

5. Get Schwifty

When giant alien heads appear in the sky and demand that Earth give them a hit song, Rick and Morty are on the case. The song “Get Schwifty” itself is hilarious, as is the fact that Rick thinks he’s a musician, even working with Ice-T. The subplot which deals with the people of Rick and Morty’s town starting a religion based of the heads, is also really smart and offers up some good social commentary. AW YEAH.

Best Moment: The performance of the titular song.

4. Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

We get the first appearance of the Citadel of Ricks, and it’s just as amazing as you’d think. The council of Ricks accuses Rick of crimes against alternate Ricks. Rick and Morty go on an adventure to find out who’s been killing Ricks. The subplot also sees Jerry become close with an alternate Rick and it’s surprisingly touching. (Also look out for the Gravity Falls reference in this episode!)

Best Moment: When Morty becomes the One True Morty and sparks the Morty uprising against Evil Rick.

3. The Ricklantis Mixup

This is a sometimes dark, often funny, story from the Citadel of Ricks and Mortys. The story follows: a pair of cops, a group of Morty school boys in a parody of Stand By Me, a factory being held hostage, and a crooked election. There’s a lot of drama and darker themes in this episode and that’s what makes it great.

Best Moment: When President Morty takes out the disobedient Ricks in his cabinet.

2. Mortynight Run

Morty is understandably upset when Rick sells weapons to an assassin to fund a trip to intergalactic arcade Blips and Chitz. In an act of self-righteousness, Rick goes to save the target of the assassin Rick sold a gun to. And from there a transdimensional adventure with high stakes begins. The sub plot is also one of the best in the show’s history, in which Jerry is dropped off at a daycare center for alternate Jerrys.

Best Moment: When Jerry first is dropped off at Jerry daycare.

1. Total Rickall

Where do I even begin with this one? When the Smith household becomes infested with parasites that spread through memories, the family must decipher who is real and who’s not to avoid the parasites leaving the house and taking over Earth. The episode features clever cut-away jokes on par with the likes of Family Guy, and also introduces hilarious one time characters including: Sleepy Gary, Tinkles, and Pencilvester. Not to mention, this was the first appearance of the beloved Mr. Poopybutthole. With jokes flying ninety miles and minute and most of them hitting bullseyes, what can I say but OOH WEE!

Best Moment: The montage of Rick’s made-up sounding catchphrases.

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