Top 10 Recurring Characters on 'Friends'
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Top 10 Recurring Characters on 'Friends'

Here is just a little taste of what I think the top 10 appearances are

Top 10 Recurring Characters on 'Friends'

With a new special set to air next month that will have most of the original six Friends together again, there has been a lot of hype in the world. However, when you celebrate Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross, don't forget some of the other characters they ran into all those years. Here are my top 10:

10. Mona

You know, like the famous botanist, Mona Clickclocken. She dated Ross for a while, but ended up getting somewhat left behind once Rachel was put back into the mix. But, no matter how "Ross and Rachel" you were, you kind of rooted for them a little bit...Martin Clicklocken.

9. Parker

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Parker was the positive, fun-loving, obsessively happy, brief boyfriend of Phoebe who showed his true colors when he was a guest at Monica and Ross's parents' wedding anniversary party. Everyone loves being around a positive person—until they become annoying.

8. Janice

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I know what you're thinking—no one "likes" Janice. But you have to admit, the way the writers of the show would interject her right at the moment you thought there would be no trace of her was pretty amazing. You know you secretly loved it when she dropped those famous three words: "Oh. My. God."

7. Erica

Come on, she gave them a baby. And everyone definitely screamed when Chandler said to Joey what everyone was thinking: "It's a shame you two didn't get to spend more time together. But Ana Faris played a great female "Joey" and her character was a great addition to the Geller family.

6. Paul Stevens (Elizabeth's Dad)

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Aww Paul, such a Dad. He was the very protective and self-confident father of 20 year old Elizabeth, who was dating Ross during Season 6. Paul then began dating Rachel which makes you wonder if any of these Friends had any boundaries. After repeatedly asking him to open up, she gets exactly what she wished for and decides she can't handle it. Everyone can see a piece of their dad in Paul and that's why he's so great. Also, Bruce Willis played this character for free because he lost a bet to Matthew Perry.

5. Frank Buffay

Ah, Frank. There was always a big question mark with this guy. One thing is for sure though: it was no question that he was related to Phoebe. With his eccentric attitude and undying love for his home economics teacher, he defied all odds and had triplets, with the help of his sister. Even after hearing the odd things he said, it was impossible not to love him.

4. Chick and Duck

The unsung heroes on "Friends." These lovable creatures were at the heart of the friendship/family and could do no wrong. It's too bad they had to go to that farm where no one could ever visit them.

3. Gunther

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Whenever you see someone serving coffee or with hair as bright as the sun, you can think of Gunther. He was at the helm of Central Perk for as long as we can remember and was constantly let down, trying desperately to enter the friend group. His uncontested love for Rachel Greene was maybe creepy at times, but it was all in good love.

2. Jack Geller.

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Jack Geller was the dad you never had but always wanted. He was sometimes the funniest character in the room but also gave the best advice. His little Harmonica and Ross, the favorite, were constantly visited by Jack and their mom, Judy. Jack brought a certain lightheartedness to the situation and always made the scene better.

1. Mike Hannigan

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When Joey desperately yelled "Mike!" in Central Perk, thankfully this man answered. Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd) was Phoebe's love interest turned husband and fit in the cast like a glove. He was the seventh funniest and most likable character on the "Friends" set. As much as we may have loved David earlier in the series, I think Phoebe made the right choice about picking Mike.

There are so many characters that have come and gone on this amazing show that ts hard to rank all of them, but here is just a little taste of what I think the top 10 appearances are.

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