Top 10 Iconic Quotes From Sister Cindy
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Top 10 Iconic Quotes From Sister Cindy

Who is Sister Cindy? Find out more in this article!

Youtube via Oz Osbourne

Now you may be wondering, who is Sister Cindy? Well if you're not able to keep on social media, she's a local evangelical preacher that goes around campuses ranting about the danger of sex and STD's, and lately, she's been gaining traction for her crazy performances that she puts on for each campus she goes to, which can lead to some memorable phrases. Here are a few highlights that will make you laugh!

1. "If you like the big boobies, u r prone to get TITTY WHIPPED"

2. "In the 70's, I was a DISCO Queen!"

Youtube via syndel

3. "Be a Ho No Mo!"

the office ho GIFGiphy

4. "Ladies! Semen is NOT on the Food pyramid"

snacks offer GIF by safefoodGiphy

5. "When you die, you'll go to the big CONDOM in the sky!"

TikTok via jisellarizzo

6. "There are only two types of men: Nerds and losers!"

Loser You Suck GIF by Squirrel MonkeyGiphy

7. "This is Sister Cindy's Slut Shaming Show!"

Youtube via syndel

8. "I am here to do some good old fashioned slut shaming"

tiktok via @crazcampuscouple

9. "I used to be a bad girl at the University of Florida"

10. "If you are a WAP today, please raise your hand!"

GIF by The Paley Center for MediaGiphy

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