Top 10 Online Shopping Sites of Latest Soft Silk Sarees for Women
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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites of Latest Soft Silk Sarees for Women

India is home to exceptionally aesthetic handloom weaves and silk sarees that carry a history of graceful charm.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites of Latest Soft Silk Sarees for Women

From Hindu Maharanis to Mughal elite, and the English- pure silk sarees from India have always cast their magic. Undisputed as the most timeless ensemble, the Indian saree today has reached the glory of International red carpets, a style statement for women of every age and all walks of life, including celebrities.

With a global dispersion of Indians worldwide and Indian cultural adaption by foreigners, pure silk and art silk sarees have become a sustainable trend. Whether you are in India or on the opposite side of the globe, there are plenty of websites where one can easily buy real silk sarees.

We have compiled some of our favorite stores for silk saree online shopping; take a look!


As the name suggests, this site offers one of the best collections of sarees of all sorts, including pure silk saree. Whether you're looking for a brocade red Banarasi silk saree for a wedding, a pastel Chanderi silk saree for a modern social hour or a heavily embroidered Gaji Silk Gharchola Saree, this site will have you sorted. Their commercial range has art silk sarees starting from 1000 INR. Here, one can also procure luxurious handloom silk sarees with indigenous details like zari borders and floral jaal motifs, as well as hand-picked designer silk sarees from all over India. Their video shopping service is best to shop for bridal silk sarees and traditional sarees like the Wedding Panetar, red zardozi embroidered silk sarees, and more.

2. Nalli

If you are familiar with South India, you would be aware of Nalli, a reputed store with a beautiful line-up of silk sarees. The site stocks not only classics but also modernized versions like contemporary Kanchipuram silk sarees, digital-printed Mysore crepe silk sarees, and many more to cater to each one's unique wardrobe preferences. Another plus point for this online store is its well-sorted categorization of silks and easy navigation, allowing a smooth transition between web pages to get the best silk saree for your closet.

3. Pothys

Just like Nalli, Pothys is another big name in the southern region of India. Some of the most exclusive and exquisite sarees, such as Samudrika Pattu and Paithani Silk Sarees, along with several types of accessories, including potli bags and ethnic fashion jewelry.

4. Kalki Fashion

Silk sarees with a touch of glamour- best describes Kalki Fashion's premium pure silk saree collection. A mélange of woven fabrics like silk georgette sarees, sequin-edged sheer organza silk sarees, and handloom classic with exotic embellishments, this site is one to check out for a Page-3 worthy saree look.

5. Ekaya

This brand has been redesigning traditional silk sarees to meet the fashion preferences of the youth. Although the indigenously exclusive drapes are limited to a few varieties like Tanchoi and Tussar Silk Sarees, you can expect a beautiful assortment of bright and pastel palettes, highlighting motifs and dazzling zari details with a contemporary feel!

6. The Chennai Silks

The Chennai Silks is a site that sources its collection from local weavers and pure silk saree suppliers. The collection available at Chennai Silks boasts of authentic traditional elements. Pure Kanchipuram silk saree with zari-woven elephant motifs, Uppada Silk Sarees, and Bridal Silk Sarees, Wedding Silk Sarees with temple borders & woven floral jaal details, and similar drapes make this site worth checking out for your treasured silk saree collection.

7. Neeta Lulla

With over three decades of creative work and textile innovation, designer Neet Lulla has become a veteran in the Indian fashion industry. Her signature collection of silk sarees is an ode to the Indian cultural heritage, a revival of weaving craftsmanship that meets her unique perception of ethnicity. Although ultra-exclusive and worthy of the limelight, these sarees come with a hefty price tag!

8. Ritu Kumar

Designer Ritu Kumar brought about the revival of brocades and several other handloom silks in urban India in the last few decades of the 20th century. Today, Ritu Kumar is a globally appreciated designer label that can bring some of the choicest silk sarees to your closet. Her signature collections take inspiration from timeless ethnic elements, portrayed beautifully to enrich Indian wear with a royal heritage feel.

9. Myntra

The e-commerce giant is one of the first sites most Indians hit while shopping for merchandise. When it comes to pure silk sarees, the online store will most probably have only a handful of choices. But if you are looking for trendy art silk sarees, the site is full of awe-inspiring drapes for every budget!

10. Tata Cliq

The Indiluxe vertical of Tata Cliq can give you limited but carefully hand-picked silk sarees and designer blouses for putting together a stylish ensemble. Internationally acclaimed designers like Anita Dongre and Masaba Gupta have their signature collections displayed on the site. Above all, it is also a site for getting good deals on designer silk saris.

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