I remember the very first episode of Grey's Anatomy, sitting in the living room with my mom eating a bowl of popcorn. Ever since the first episode aired, I have been hooked. Grey’s Anatomy is the only show that I make sure to watch every Thursday night because there is so much more to Grey’s Anatomy than just the blood and gore. The best part of Grey’s Anatomy are the male doctors. Here is a list of the top 10 hottest doctors on Grey’s Anatomy:

1. Nathan Riggs

Dr. Riggs’ rugged look earns him number one on my list. I love, love, love him. His challenging past just makes you want to hug him and run your fingers through his hair. I am so curious as to where his character will end up next season and who he will end up with!

2. Jackson Avery

Every time Dr. Avery holds baby Harriet, my heart instantly melts. Dr. Avery’s loyalty to Dr. Pierce’s mother makes you even love him more! I could look into his eyes 24/7.

3. Derek Shepherd

First off, R.I.P. to Dr. Shepherd. Still to this day, I have not been able to watch the episode where Dr. Shepherd dies. I have completely blocked that part of the show out of my mind. Oh, how I miss McDreamy!

4. Ben Warren

Since the moment Dr. Warren started on the show as a paramedic, I cannot stop staring at him. I am so jealous of Dr. Warren and Dr. Bailey’s marriage. I need to have a powerful position and be my hot husband’s boss.

5. Mark Sloan

R.I.P. to the real homie, McSteamy. Dr. Sloan stole all of our hearts, only to have them ripped away when he died. I mean, just look at his face!

6. Andrew Deluca

When the Dr.Deluca vs. Dr. Karev drama was happening, I was secretly on #TeamDeluca. The shirtless scene of Dr. Deluca will forever be imprinted in my mind!

7. Alex Karev

Dr.Karev was in his prime the first 6 seasons, but after that, he turned into a hot mess. Even after all of his unfortunate encounters, he still deserves a spot on the list.

8. Owen Hunt

I remember sobbing when Christina left Dr. Hunt. I loved the two together, and Dr. Hunt’s red hair and blue eyes will make anyone stop and stare.

9. George O’Malley

Oh, how I miss 007. Dr. O’Malley has always been one of my favorite characters. Even though he isn’t the hottest of all of the doctors, he still deserves a spot on the list.

10. Preston Burke

Even though Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang could not make it work, he still deserves a spot on the list.