Top 10 holiday destinations
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Top 10 holiday destinations

Are you pondering where you should go this year? We've got you beat with everything from tropical island hopping to exciting cosmopolitan cities, all while making it simple to plan the perfect vacation

Top 10 holiday destinations

Are you pondering where you should go this year? We've got you beat with everything from tropical island hopping to exciting cosmopolitan cities, all while making it simple to plan the perfect vacation that allows you to immerse yourself in the culture.

1. USA

This vast country, which stretches 2,800 miles from coast to coast, has plenty to see and do. Consider taking a tour of the south if Southern charms pique your interest.

Summer in New England is excellent, making it the ideal time to travel along the coast from

Newport, Rhode Island, to the islands off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Nantucket is known for its romantic inns, over 800 pre-Civil War houses, postcard-perfect beaches, charming lighthouses, and an interesting whale museum. In Kennebunkport, Maine, try the fresh lobster and perhaps even join a lobstering adventure, putting yourself in the shoes of real-life fishermen. Whale watching, canoe and kayak tours, hiking, and biking are just a few of the outdoor activities available in the area.

You can even include sights like Mount Rushmore National Monument in the spectacular Black Hills of South Dakota, which features the faces of four US presidents carved into the granite cliff.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for nature, wildlife enthusiasts, and adventurers. Its lush jungles are home to four different monkey species, an incredible variety of exotic birds and butterflies, sloths, and a variety of lizard species. Anteaters, tapirs, and coatimundis scurry through some of the country's national parks regularly, and both coasts are known for nesting turtles as well as migrating whales and leaping dolphins pods numbering in the thousands.

Surfing and zip-lining are among the activities available, as are hiking through cloud forests and swimming in tranquil pools beneath cascading waterfalls. Spending time in one of the rural, small-town communities allows you to immerse yourself in authentic culture and experience what it's like to live in this remote part of the world. So go to the plannay travel and get more information about world travel.

3. Canada

Canada has it all, with breathtaking scenery spanning soaring mountains and beautiful coastlines, as well as cosmopolitan cities. Spend time in British Columbia, beautiful Victoria on Vancouver Island, if you're looking for a mix of remote wilderness and exciting city options. You'll be able to visit the city for shopping, dining, and cultural attractions, as well as immerse yourself in remote wilderness areas for eco-adventure tours, fishing, and wildlife viewing – including bears and whales.

Atlantic Canada, Prince Edward Islan, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland is a picturesque, warm, and welcoming region characterized by colorful fishing villages, beautiful beaches, a diverse array of marine life, and some of the most delectable fresh seafood you'll ever taste. Don't miss out on one of the world's most scenic drives, the Cabot Trail on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. The route follows dramatic seaside cliffs as it circles the island's northern tip, passing through the Cape Breton Highlands. Keep an eye out for dolphins, seals, bald eagles, and the adorable auk known as the puffin along the way. Enjoy live traditional Celtic music nearly every night of the week to immerse yourself in the still vibrant Celtic and Acadian cultures.

4. Thailand

Thailand, also known as the 'Land of Smiles,' is frequently ranked among the world's happiest countries. It's not only known for its warm hospitality, but it's also a foodie's dream. In Bangkok, you'll find particularly delectable street cuisine, with each plate bursting with flavor, blending sweet and spicy with ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves. Explore a plethora of magnificent Buddhist temples and monasteries before embarking on Thailand's most popular activity: island hopping.

There are over 1,400 tropical islands to choose from in the south, ranging from Ko Chang, which has some of the country's best diving and snorkeling, to Ko Samui, which has some of the world's best luxury beaches resorts, and indulgent spas.

5. Vietnam

Vietnam is yet another fantastic Asian destination, offering a diverse range of cultural experiences as well as lush boutique retreats. Take a walking tour of Hanoi, and you'll find something interesting around every corner, with stops at rooftop bars to take in the views while sipping a traditional Vietnamese coffee or a cold beer. The buzzing capital's Old Quarter displays businesses in the same way they did centuries ago, providing a fascinating glimpse into local life. Hoi Ann, the most atmospheric city in Vietnam, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with hundreds of historic landmarks. Explore the Ancient Town on foot to see centuries-old temples, or join a tour to learn about local fishermen and put your skills to the test.

6. Mauritius

Mauritius, one of the most popular romantic destinations in the world, is a small island in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. It's the perfect spot for honeymooners and all types of travelers who want to relax while sunbathing and snorkeling or diving in a spectacular underwater world teeming with marine life. Other activities include paddleboarding, windsurfing, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming with dolphins, mountain trekking, and bird watching.

In thatched-roofed suites with jaw-dropping panoramic views, the stylish all-inclusive LUX* Belle Mare resort offers a luxurious stay with plenty of Mauritian hospitality. It has an idyllic stretch of beach, multiple onsite eateries, and the world-class LUX* Me spa, as well as the island's largest swimming pool. This health and wellness center offers diverse massages, treatments, yoga, and a meditation menu.

7. Barbados

Barbados is the most popular holiday destination for British tourists, who return year after year to enjoy the endless delights of swaying palms, fantasy-like beaches framed by a sea of every hue of blue, as well as traditional all-inclusive resorts, top-rated restaurants, and exciting excursions. Swimming with sea turtles, paddle boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, and diving are just a few of the water sports available in one of the Caribbean's most desirable and luxurious travel destinations. It's a true diver's paradise, with a reef surrounding it and several wrecks to explore. Visitors can also stroll through the historic old town of Bridgetown and St. Ann's Garrison, both of which have been designated as outstanding examples of British colonial architecture by UNESCO.

The Tamarind by Elegant Hotels, which is located on the west coast, is known for its powdery white sands and is often referred to as the Platinum Coast. It has breathtaking ocean views and spectacular sunsets, and the pristine beach just steps away from the rooms. There are three lovely pools, including one for adults only and one with a view of the sea, as well as a relaxing spa.

8. Seychelles

Seychelles, located on the equator in the Indian Ocean, is the ultimate island paradise. The archipelago is a true fantasy come true, with 115 islands to choose from, each with its own distinct charms, making it ideal for an island-hopping vacation. You might want to go on a catamaran cruise to see some of the most popular islands, starting with Mahe, the largest island with about 90% of the population.

At Sainte Anne Marine National Park, which consists of six islands off the northeast coast with vibrant coral reefs and swaths of seagrass inhabited by dolphins and hawksbill turtles, snorkeling is frequently included. Many itineraries include La Digue, the smallest of the three main islands and the most relaxed – a place where time seems to stand still with few signs of modern civilization and nearly everyone gets around and on foot or by bicycle. Cousin Island, a wildlife haven with sandy beaches and rocky coastline, lush mangroves, freshwater swamps, and dense forests, is also a popular destination. It's a birdwatcher's paradise, with giant tortoises and a variety of lizards. You might even come across a tortoise laying its eggs if you're lucky.

9. Japan

Japan has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. While its cities are known for their neon lights, densely packed skyscrapers, and crowds, there is always a calm oasis nearby for enjoying peace and serenity, such as the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo's Harajuku district, which has over 100,000 trees. Tradition meets cosmopolitanism all over the country, such as in Kishiwada's old town, where you can wander down side streets that haven't changed in decades, lined with family-owned tea brewers, grocers, and confectioners.

Mount Fuji's magnificent landscapes and hot springs, and volcanic lakes provide something for everyone in Japan. In this country of contrasts, there are numerous cultural escorted tours to choose from. Visitors can visit Tokyo's highlights and history, Kyoto's wonders, participate in traditional tea ceremonies, discover ancient temples, see the famous snow monkeys in Jigokudani Park, and get up close and personal with over 1,000 wild deer in Nara Park, among other things.

10. Maldives

The secluded Maldives, a haven out in the Indian Ocean, is often referred to as the world's most romantic archipelago. With hundreds of picture-perfect sandy islands and countless resorts with overwater villas where warm waters surround you in a variety of dazzling blue hues, anyone looking for seclusion and relaxation is likely to find it here. Enjoy active pursuits such as diving or snorkeling among coral reefs, sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports. Many Maldivian resorts are only accessible by boat, giving them an extra special, secretive allure.

Baros Maldives is located on the secluded island of Baros in the southern reaches of the North Male Atoll, a 25-minute speedboat ride from the international airport. Guests can spend their days lounging on the beach and participating in a variety of activities ranging from snorkeling, diving, and sailing to romantic dinner cruises, all of which are surrounded by a crystal-clear coral lagoon and powder sugar-like sands fringed with palm trees and fragrant flowers. The onsite Serenity Spa, which offers yoga, massage, and wellness treatments, is ideal for taking relaxation to the next level.

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