Top 10 Feminist Musical Theatre Songs
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Top 10 Feminist Musical Theatre Songs

In case you were looking for a playlist to kick someone in the face to, here it is.

Top 10 Feminist Musical Theatre Songs

It's very easy to find a show that is centered around a male love interest. It seems as though there are only a handful of shows that actually pass the Bechdel Test- a case in which a work of fiction has two women discussing something other than a male. Since the vast majority of working individuals in theatre identify as women, it is so important to appreciate women in theatre (of course just women in general).

There are a handful of songs that I listen to, whether I'm at home dancing without pants (probably by myself) or on the subway, that make me super proud to be a woman in theatre. These songs aren't all from shows that pass the Bechdel Test, but they are songs that kind of make you want to kick anybody that has ever hurt you in the nose. Hard.

1. Get Out and Stay Out - 9 to 5

If Stephanie J. Block's belting isn't enough to make you want to conquer the world, then these lyrics might help. Here is a strong woman in theatre who has the opportunity to take her ex-husband back, but chooses strength over toxicity. The guy's name is Dick anyways, so the marriage probably wasn't going very far.

2. She Loves To Hear The Music - The Boy From Oz

Okay so here's another Stephanie J. Block classic, but this song is not particularly known for being hers. In The Boy From Oz, Block portrays superstar Liza Minnelli. Minnelli was married to Peter Allen, but their marriage quickly diminished after she found out he was gay. In this song, Minnelli expresses her feelings- stating that any man can sleep with her, but nothing satisfies her more than music. Girl, me too.

3. I'm Here - The Color Purple

If you haven't heard Cynthia Errivo sing, you're truly missing out on a religious experience. But much more than that, this song brings so much light and joy into my headphones when it comes on. Though the lyrics really say it all, I'm Here captures the victorious nature of a young woman's life filled with an immense amount of pain and suffering. After belting that G 8 times a week, you better BELIEVE you are here.

4. Astonishing - Little Women

Little Women is an incredibly beautiful story, but most people know if for it's Act I finale, Astonishing. Right before this scene, Jo (originated by Sutton Foster) was proposed to by someone who she had sworn was just her friend. She later realizes that she is not on this earth be a wife, she is on this earth to be astonishing. This is a mindset we should all have! We are all astonishing! (Except for Donald Trump. He sucks).

5. Don't Rain On My Parade - Funny Girl

Even if you are not a fan of theatre, I'm sure you know this song (and not because they sang it 400 times on Glee). Fanny Brice is NOT letting anybody step in the way of her being happy. Especially not a man!

6. Rainbow High - Evita

This is arguably one of my favorite videos on YouTube. Eva Perón is honestly one of the fiercest female characters in musical theatre, and this song just makes me want to rule an entire country myself. And guess what, women can!! Yay!!! Equality!!

7. Back To Before - Ragtime

I am a strong believer that Ragtime is one of the most underrated shows in musical theatre. If you don't know the show very well, you're bound to know this song, as it is a pivotal moment throughout the course of the performance. Mother (yes- that's the characters name, bear with me here) recognizes the imbalance in her relationship and realizes she is extremely unhappy. She is tired of letting her husband make all of her decisions for her, and she is ready to start living for nobody else but herself. No man should EVER make a woman's decisions.

8. Cell Block Tango - Chicago

This is another classic. If a man ever does you wrong, listen to this song. If you fail a test, listen to this song. If you're genuinely just in a bad mood, LISTEN TO THIS SONG. It is so empowering and important. And fun. And hot.

9. Defying Gravity - Wicked

Okay, you probably knew this was coming. Though this song isn't motivated by unfair men, it is motivated by people trying to tear you down. Everybody should have the Elphaba mentality of nobody bringing you down. Also, everyone should also listen to the incredible Ab opt up in this video. It's literally unreal.

10. So Much Better - Legally Blonde

Last but not least, this song has made me feel things that no significant other has ever made me feel. It is impossible to feel down while listening to this Act I finale. It's also impossible to deny that Elle Woods is arguably one of the most important characters in musical theatre.

So if you get dumped, if you are stressed, or if you're just looking for some songs to pick you up- look no further than this playlist. I promise it'll feel "so much better" than before.

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