Too Little, Too Late
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Listen To The Phrase 'Too Little, Too Late'

Life is way too short to be taking it for granted or caring what people have to say about you, so when you're presented with an opportunity, take it!


From experience, not taking advantage of certain situations when presented with the opportunity has made me regretful. Now, don't think I'm talking about just job offers or internships. I'm talking about literally anything! Except committing any kind of serious crime. Don't take this as advice to do so. Please.

I'm talking about relationships, trips, outings, anything! I'm not the most religious person but I do believe in the power of the universe and the whirlwind of energy it holds. You put out good energy, it comes right back. You put out bad energy, it also comes right back. With that being said, I also believe you are placed in certain situations in life and meet certain people for a reason, as is everyone else. Possible new friendships, a job offer, the loss of a job, an internship, acceptance to a university, deferral from a University, the end of an old relationship, the birth of a new one, anything and everything will lead you to where you want and are supposed to be. We fail to realize that all the things that happen, whether good or bad, mold us into the people we are. While a very critical and important thing to keep in mind while reading, this isn't the main point of my article.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take and the last thing you want to do is live with regret. If you live with fear, you won't get anywhere. If you live comfortably, you'll never push yourself past your own boundaries to see how far you can exceed them. You'll also be living with a whole lot of "what if". Pushing yourself to supersede your comfort zone and take every opportunity and run with it is not easy, though. It takes a lot of sacrifice and planning. Don't take my advice as jumping at every little thing that comes to you. However, do not hesitate to take it for what it's worth and consider it. If in your gut you feel you should be doing that something, seeing that someone, talking to that person, then do it. If your gut is telling you to, it's because he/she is right.

It's never failed me before, especially about people I didn't/don't know.

As for the duration of my adulthood, it's safe to say that as many times as I considered not going to Florida State when I got accepted and contemplated going back home to Florida International my first year here, I'm so so so glad that I came and never left. Coming here was meant to be and the doors that have opened and people I have met have greatly impacted my life. The people that came into my life and just as quickly left, were meant to be. The struggle with money was meant to be because it humbled me. All the jobs that didn't call me back were meant to be, cause now I work somewhere that reminds me of home. The internship I accepted only further educates me with every passing day. The man I met towards the end of my sophomore year, now my fiance.

Life is full of ups and downs but you can't be afraid of them. In order to grow as individuals and make something of ourselves, we have to step outside our norm. Once you do, anything is possible.

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