Tomi Fredrick - A Back Story into the Worst Week of Her Life
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Tomi Fredrick - A Back Story into the Worst Week of Her Life

Tomi Fredrick - A Back Story into the Worst Week of Her Life
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Sorry, a little bit of a side track here. But where was I? Oh yes, I was telling you of the week of how I died. But first let me give you a little bit of background knowledge on "Who is Tomi Fredrick?"

So I was born October 15, 1999. Obviously I am from Alabama, as I have said before. I am not going to get specific but my town rhymes with "Schmontgomery". I have lived in Alabama my entire life and I never really planned on leaving anyway. I love it here and honestly would only leave just to travel around and then eventually come back. It is just one of those places where you know that this is home and you would never give it up for all of the riches in the world. Cliché right? Well that is how I feel and this is about me so shush in the peanut gallery.

My parents are Verne (my dad's parents were literary fanatics) and Ryvre (my mom's parents were fans of the hippies) Fredrick. They met in high school and became high school sweethearts. They were both very free spirited and wanted to travel the world as writers. But then when they were both at the end in their freshman year of college at Alabama state, my mother found out she was pregnant with a pile of cells that was me! SO, my mother dropped out of college and my father continued on. My parents were happy because they could have the family that they have always wanted. They wanted me to be a surprise and they had everything picked out; baseball themed room, cute little sailor suits, and so many overalls my parents thought I would be the cutest little boy in the entire state (see where I am going with this). When it was the day that would be known as W-B-Day. Needless to say my parents have said that I have always been one for flare, but I blame that on my parents, the king and queen of drama. I was born on the day of their wedding.

They were very much surprised when their little Thomas was not a Thomas, but a Tomi! Told you I was one for flare. And my parents still wanted a Tomi, so it is nice to have a sort of a unique name.

So I grew up in a world with two loving parents who treated me as an equal. I got to read books far to advanced for my age, watch TV and eat ice cream Saturday nights with my parents, when it came to the time that boyfriends and parties with drinking my parents gave me birth control and said I can make my own decisions and to call them if I drank. Basically, I had the coolest parents in the world.

I met my best friend, Laura, when I was just in kindergarten. She thought it was cool that my mom packed whoppee pies with graham crackers in the middle for my lunch. From then on we were inseparable. We talked about boys, our favorite movies, what in the world Hannah Jackobs wore today in class. We shared everything. Apparently that meant boyfriends too.

Speaking of that cheating liar, Greg was supposed to be my ONE. Like the ONE that was only found in movies and books. The ONE where you can feel your stomach where your heart is and your brain literally cannot come up with anything smart to say and you sit there drooling like a baby and say something along the lines of "Tomi am I, like face yours" (those were literally the first words that I ever said to him). He was perfect; he wanted to be a police officer, was on the track team, his favorite color was dandelion yellow, and not to mention he looked like something out of a Men's Fitness catalogue.

I should probably talk a little bit about me right? If you want the physical stuff to get a better picture of me, well I have blonde hair and green eyes, I am about 5'7 and I am in impeccable shape. I was going to be a English major at Alabama State University. I am on the soccer team at my school, I am president of the English honor society and I also have a 3.8 GPA because you know I like school. I will say that I love high school and I was sure as hell that I was going to love college. Well I guess I will never find out.

My life seemingly looked perfect, but I mean read the last part of this story that I posted obviously it wasn't. But to me it was perfect while it lasted.

Don't worry, I am not here to depress you, I am here to teach. Like I said before I am here to educate, but I am also here to entertain. This story is filled with laughs, tears, anger, and a mix of mystery. But you will find all of that out at the end.

Until next time!

- Tomi Fredrick

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