Once upon a time, I knew you and you knew me. We may have been friends, we may have dated, you may have just been that random person that I met that one day and always talked to but never knew your name.

Doesn't matter. This gist is, I'm not the same person that you knew.

Everyone always says to leave toxic people in your past. But what are you supposed to do if you were the toxic one? Some friendships I'd like to build and I don't know how. Some just need a little bit of closure. I guess we can start with a little letter.

So dear childhood best friend that I never talk to anymore, I genuinely hope the best for you. I know you are super smart and are definitely going places in life that I can't even fathom. I know you are talented beyond measure and it's probably only grown with age. You may never see this, but I wanted to let you know that I think of you often and regret the things that pulled us apart in the end. I regret that even attempts to hang out, to be friends again haven't had quite the connect I was hoping for. I knew you. I don't anymore. Best of luck.

Dear my friends I left behind, yes I know who you are when you reply to my mass snap. Yes, I very much wish that we had kept in touch and that we could have been close friends. I apologize for the times I was rude, the times it seemed like I didn't care and for not picking up that phone when I had the opportunity.

Dear boy who made me cry, not a lot of people know about you so I'm sure my family is going to have a blast reading this one. You meant a lot to me and were there when I needed you to be and I could never thank you enough. I'm sorry for the things that I said and I know you say it's fine but I ruined friendships in this process, too. I also hope the best for you because you taught me a lesson I needed to learn. I know that you're going places, you have dreams and you are reaching higher than I ever will. I know that you're happy, and even though I'm slightly salty, it makes me happy too.

I've grown up in the last couple of years and I'm very much a different person. If you knew me in middle school (I'm genuinely sorry you had to see that) or high school, you have to meet me all over again.

Hello, my name is Jade. You are?