I know that feeling that you have deep in your chest.

The one you constantly try to push away, just for those few extra minutes of happiness.

I know that deep fear you feel inside as you feel all of your anxieties creep up on you with a vengeance.

The overwhelming pain caused by some unknown factor.

Some days are better than others and you can go about your business as usual.

But others are so difficult that each time you might not know how you could possibly make it through.

But you do, and you keep fighting this seemingly endless cycle.

Half of the time, you might not even be sure what is causing all of these horrible feelings that you're having.

The smallest, insignificant things might set you off and send you hurtling into the next panic attack.

I know the pain you feel each time your brain forces you to go emotionally numb trying to fight the sadness and fear you feel inside.

I understand the overwhelming feeling of well...not feeling.

It seems like your mind just runs in a continuous circle.






And then it starts right back over again.

Each and every time you reach the terrible numbness, you think that the feeling can never get worse.

And sometimes it does.

It's so difficult in this society, where the discussion of mental illness is so taboo, to reach out for help.

But it's something you NEED to do, especially if you ever want to get better.

Seeking professional help can be sooo scary, but in the end, it helps.

You never know what could be the source of all of the feelings of fear and sadness you're having.

You could be able to solve the issue with therapy, with having someone to talk to.

Or you could have a chemical imbalance in your brain, which is totally fixable!

Honestly, reaching out is the hardest part.

Everything after that is just another step closer to better days.

Don't ever give up on yourself.

Be strong and believe in yourself.

Your anxiety doesn't define who you are.