An Open Letter To The Friends I Lost Along The Way

To my girls that I lost along the way,

You used to know everything going on in my life. What boys I was interested in, which family member was driving me crazy, and what color I planned on dying my hair next. You put up with constant talking about things that are no longer relevant.

We did everything together and we grew alongside each other. We dealt with each other's pre-pubescent mood swings and went along with every bad decision no matter how much we would disagree. You helped me find out who I wanted to be in this life and supported me through the obstacles I was facing at that point and for that, I will be forever grateful.

We grew up and grew apart. There is no shame in that, we are different people now at different points in our lives. But along with that I can't help but think of all the memories we've shared together throughout our childhood. We would talk about the future, what our weddings would be like, where we wanted to live, and who we wanted to be.

We are at the point where these dreams are finally becoming a reality. We are all going through college- some doing better than others naturally. Some of us are living the college life and some of us are planning weddings. Although we won't be going through these monumental moments together, I will always be supporting you from the sidelines. I watch and see as your life grows into something we always dreamed of, as I hope you do the same.

Friendships come and go but the memories last a lifetime. Thank you for being the friend I needed at that point in my life. I am proud of the person you have become and the life that you're building for yourself.

You know who you are :)

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