To The Single Girl Still Waiting For Her Man - We Are All Apples Waiting To Be Picked

To The Single Girl Still Waiting For Her Man - We Are All Apples Waiting To Be Picked

The Apple Tree Theory Analogy: just as there are various apples, there are also various apple pickers.


So, what type of apple are you? Are you a Red Delicious Apple with exquisite vibrancy, boldness, and confidence? Or are you a Granny Smith Apple full of refreshing tartness, intimidation, but loves to have fun with people? Just like apples, individuals are all unique in his or her physical appearances and vibes. This stark reality is one of the reasons why people are left with waiting for 'the one.'

I am here to give you an insightful, creative analogy that delves into the mysteries of perhaps why a particular person has not found 'the one' yet. Every person out there has different life experiences, and each person has a different personality which impacts what he or she is looking for in someone. Here goes nothing!

Apples are pretty hard to get when they are hanging from the gigantic height of an apple tree, which may spur many invasive, foreboding thoughts, further adding to an apple picker's anxiety. Therefore, effort and strength are much needed from the apple picker. I mean, if the apple picker really wants and likes a particular apple, and can set aside any trepidation, the apple picker will climb all the way to the top and SNATCH the apple! No matter how formidable and/or arduous the journey appears to be, the apple picker will do it! Though what if the picker really likes and wants an apple, but is too scared to climb all the way to the top out of fear and is worried to get hurt climbing back down? Well, the apple will remain stationary at the top of the tree... still waiting to be picked. Only the true one will have the courage, tenacity, and right intentions to climb all the way to the top when the time is right.

So ladies, keep being patient and when the time is right, the apple picker will come! This is so cheesy to say, but some day you will be the apple in someone's eye!

I also created an analogy for those who have had someone toxic in his or her life. This analogy is now reversed, and is coming from the perspective of an apple picker who has picked a poisonous apple.

Still going after all of the bad apples? Despite the bitterness they leave lingering on your tastebuds. The signs were all there. All of the bruises perceptible to the human eye, but why do us humans still turn a blind eye? It is because their bitterness only reaches a portion of our hearts. The heart feels. The brain thinks. The heart can function independently of the brain. Thus, the bitter taste registers to our brains, but it bypasses our beating hearts that care.

No matter what your situation is never give up! Develop or maintain a positive outlook and love will come your way!

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