To The Real Winners Of Greek Week
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To The Real Winners Of Greek Week

Thank you for making this year one to remember!

To The Real Winners Of Greek Week
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And just like that, one of my favorite weeks of the year is over. Greek Week is a week of events and activities that challenge our Greek community but brings us closer together. Sometimes it surprises me that we have such a large Greek community (on a relatively small campus), but it also makes me incredibly happy. My Greek brothers and sisters support me through the good times and the bad, and I cannot imagine college without them.

To Those Who Planned

Not only would Greek Week not exist without all of the careful hours of planning that went into it, but it would lack the structure that keeps the week fun and exciting. You have enacted careful guidelines to keep everyone involved safe, and to make sure we all have fun. There are so many members of Greek life who participate throughout the week, and it wouldn’t be possible without the long hours of planning that go into it.

To Those Who Participated

Whether you participated in Washers, Idi-Odysseys or Ultimate Frisbee, you know that every single event was crucial to your score and house throughout the week. Each participant did the best they could in order to score the points that were sought after. And even if your house decided not to go for the gold (or was quickly out of the running), you should know that your participation made it more fun for everyone. Who doesn’t love watching people trip through a three-legged race? It’s almost impossible not to laugh and cheer, no matter the event. Our hearts were all bound together in one great big Greek community.

To Those Who Cheered

It doesn’t matter whether a single person was participating, or your whole team was on the field. Your cheering helped them realize just how important they are to you. Your choreographed cheers filled the air with shouts of your house’s name and your screams to “go, go, go” were met with doubled efforts on the fields. My first Greek Week was filled with many tongue twister chants, repeated until I could get them right. It was the first time I realized how my voice could blend with others to cheer on the participants.

To Our Godz

After your years of hard work, it was finally time to enjoy yourself! You were chosen because of your dedication and commitment to Greek Life and Greek Week. Your title is shared with the past Godz who also worked to make this week the best one yet. I hope your week was memorable, filled with laughter and the shenanigans that always seems to follow you.

To Our Queens

You are the representation of a single house, chosen because of the love they have for you. Whether you are representing your own house or another, know that everyone loves you and is excited to see you in your beautiful toga. I love seeing the differences between each toga, because they change from year to year, and each house has their own sense of style. Even though the rain dampened your time to shine at Opening Games this year, know that our love for you could never be hindered by anything.

To Those On Panhel and IFC

From Opening Ceremonies to Closing Games, Greek Week would not be possible without you. You have dedicated yourself to keeping the S&T Greek community safe and welcoming, and we are incredibly grateful for your commitment. Many of you spent extra hours before and after events ensuring they ran smoothly. You made sure everyone had a fun time and got home safely afterwards. All of the houses would not be able to come together to celebrate the beauty of Greek life without all of you and your hard work.

To the Greek Community at Missouri S&T

Thank you for another wonderful year of competition, entertainment and Greek love. The entire week was a blast, even though we got soaked at Opening Ceremonies and muddy at Closing Games. I will always consider myself blessed to have found such a diverse group of people to grow with and spend time around.

As the last few chants fade from the air, I'm thankful for all of the winners of Greek Week. Until next year!

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