To The Random Person I Sit Next To In Class
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Student Life

To The Random Person I Sit Next To In Class

All I'm asking is to be my friend.

To The Random Person I Sit Next To In Class

No matter what year we are in school, the same thoughts go through our head on the first day of class. I want to sit by someone that will talk to me! So here's to the random person I choose to sit next to on the first day.

Right when I walked into the classroom of mostly uncommon faces, yours stood out! I originally thought that you would be a nice, respectable person to try to get to know me, but I am just as shy as you are, honestly! So please understand my awkwardness at the beginning. I’m not saying you need to shake my hand because truthfully that is very awkward in a desk, but please smile and tell me your name.

I am normally the very outgoing individual that many people describe me as, I could talk to a brick wall if I had to, so don’t be worried about carrying on a conversation. Please, though, I’m asking you to look like, or at least seem like, you want me to talk to you because, truthfully, we both want to make more friends.

For the love of our college educations, please do not try to have a conversation about the class we are both in on the first day because we both don’t really care yet and just want it to be lunch. Talk to me about who you are because did I already say this… I want some new friends! Everyone has their own things that they are into and I want to hear about yours! What sorority or fraternity you are in, where you are from, what you like to do… I don’t care just something of anything!

So here we are, two college kids thinking we are mature enough to really do anything in our life at this point. However, having a genuine conversation might be tricky in reality! I don’t want just the surface conversation, sure that will always happen the first day which is fine… I totally get it, but hopefully, we can dig deeper and maybe actually wave to each other outside of class too! Wow, that seems like something crazy to do, crazier than staring at your phone and pretending you didn’t see anyone you knew on the campus mall.

So basically, I saw something in you that I appreciated from afar (because that doesn’t sound extremely awkward and creepy at all). I saw an open body language and inviting warmth that made me feel comfortable to approach you. I don’t care at all really who you are because when it comes down to it we may not be a good fit for each other and we will move on to someone new the next day. Though just give me a chance; that is all I am asking from you.

Random person, please come along with me on this sort of awkward situation of getting to know each other and enjoying this class at least a little more than what it normally would be like. Please don’t be disturbed by my weird doodling on the side of my paper and obsessive organizing in my planner. My Gatorade water bottle that for some reason squeaks when it's sitting there and my consist yawning because I can’t seem to ever control myself. Yes, I will admit I am a mess with my tiny little desk because nothing can fit on it unless it is practically a pencil, but even then still it awkwardly rolls off to a spot I can't reach.

So to the random person I sit next to in class, be patient with me, please pick up my pencil if you can reach it, and just try to be my friend... or at least act like you care.

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