To The Person I Never Thought I'd Lose

Dear Old Best friend,

It has been some time since we last spoke. It feels like just yesterday we were on our way to school, jamming to our favorite Jonas Brothers' classic. It seems just yesterday we were sitting in English, Bio, gym, and lunch together, just having a ball. You brought out the best in me, and I thought I did the same for you. Everyone knew us as a dynamic duo; the unstoppable pair. We graduated with smiles on our faces, knowing that we had many chapters that would come, but that we would conquer them together.

We enjoyed our summer, going to the beach whenever we could and going on new adventures. Then, August rolled around, and with it came sadness and hope. As we hugged goodbye, promises of a reunion during Thanksgiving were made. Unbeknownst to us all, that reunion would never come.

Once we were at college, things started to change. When I reached out to you for advice, you were not that supportive. I kept my head up and moved past it. I should have known then.

Things started to get worse for me. I hit rock bottom and I turned to the one person I felt comfortable sharing this turmoil with. When I called, it went to voicemail. I sent you several texts after, but you suddenly became someone new. You ripped me apart, insulting my character. You didn't even let me plead my case, explain my side of things. Instead, you listened to the words other people fed you. This hurt. A lot. All I wanted was someone to listen to me. Instead, I watched as my best friend tore my heart into a million pieces and lit them on fire. I had no one left. You left me for dead. You left me to be finished off by the vultures.

I slowly gained some strength back. I cried for days over the hurtful things you said about me. I tried to pretend it wasn't you saying those things. I didn't want to accept it. But then, someone at school told me that a real friend wouldn't hurt you like that, no matter how upset they are. And I tried to believe that too.

I tried to reach out to you again, to try to mend together whatever was left of that relationship. Sadly, I knew nothing could be done, but I still reached out. After being ignored for the fourth time, I got the hint.

I am still trying to forget about you, old friend. I found a bunch of great people who care about me deeply. They listen to my problems, respect me and treat me like a decent human being. It is because of them that I have the strength to even write this. They helped me through those dark nights where the tears wouldn't stop streaming. They loved me unconditionally. They are my family.

Still, some nights I think about our friendship and the smiles we used to share. You were such a big part of my life; you were someone who I respected and admired. And now, here we are, two strangers passing in the street.

I still wish you the best. I want you to succeed and enjoy this life, for I do not hold grudges. You were my best friend, and I cherished every moment with you. Thank you for making the past few years a blast. Maybe one day, we can grab some coffee and reminisce about the good old days. Until then, I'll remember the love for life and each other we used to share.

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