Dear future girlfriend of my cheating ex-boyfriend,

It probably seems weird I'm writing a letter to you. After all, you are with the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I figured I'd write a letter to you to tell you all the things you need to know about the guy who broke my heart to help you be successful with your relationship.

I hope you find all his little quirks as beautiful as I did. The way he laughs, his stupid jokes, and even his ridiculous snoring. I hope you find pride in what he is doing and love his success and determination to become what he has always wanted to become.

I really just hope you see what I saw.

Our relationship was everything and nothing I ever wanted. I hope yours is more than that. I hope you can agree on the things we could never agree on and I hope he gives you the satisfaction I always secretly longed for.

I hope you love all of the things I didn't. I hope you guys can become best friends because that was the absolute best thing about our relationship.

I hope you love him more than I ever could (and I really loved him).

I just want you to know that he will never change. He cheated on me every second of every day and that will never change.

He will cheat on you.

As much as you want to pretend like you are the only girl he loves and the only girl that is with him, you aren't. You never will be. He has a twisted brain and manipulative ways.

You may think you are different than all the other girls he's been with... you aren't. You are just as easily manipulated.

He loves that.

You'll give him second chances, third chances, and just keep going back to him because you'll feel like he is all you have. Trust me, I did it too.

Just know that you can find better. He isn't going to grow up anytime soon and you would be doing yourself a favor by letting go the first time you find him cheating (cause I promise you will).

Just know, when you've had enough... It's okay to let go. And move on. I promise you deserve better than what he could ever give you.

The only way to be successful in this relationship is you'll have to be okay with his cheating ways and let him get away with pretty much anything. Or else your relationship will fail.

Congratulations on dating the biggest heartbreaker, cheater, and manipulator you'll ever meet. I hope he changes for you, but don't think you can change him. You can't.


The girl that got away