To the high school seniors of 2020
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To the high school seniors of 2020

The best is yet to come

To the high school seniors of 2020

To the high school class of 2020,

We feel for you. We wish you could have had all the experiences you have earned, and deserved. As a college student, I can assure you that the best is yet to come.

I am a current sophomore at SUNY Oswego. I graduated high school in 2018, and I will say, I didn't enjoy being a student, but I loved being a senior. I know you all have looked forward to these milestones. For many, it's prom, spring sports, awards nights, school traditions, solos, and that amazingly proud moment of being in your cap and gown, and receiving your diploma. The celebrations to follow with friends and family highlight some of the best times of your life. This is the one year you get recognition and you feel important. Now, that has been stripped away from you. The pain of "what if" is worse than regret.

I want you to know that your teachers hurt for you. Your friends hurt for you. Your family hurts. Plus, strangers, like me, hurt for you too. I just want to remind you that there are so many better, more fun experiences that you will have that you do not even know about yet. Move-in day of college brings so much excitement you couldn't even imagine about. Meeting your first few friends. Your first party. First good grade. first school sporting event. First club meeting.

I can assure you that better times are going to come. There is so much more out there than your high school experiences. You are about to have some of the best memories of your life. You are about to meet your bestest friends that you could not imagine living life without. You will learn new school traditions and find new, and better hobbies to spend your time on.

Just remember, better things are ahead. Your class will be unforgettable. Until then, take prom pictures anyway, finish out the year, and be excited about school in the fall. I cannot wait to see you all on campus next semester, and I promise I won't post any pictures of my graduation (I know it doesn't make anyone feel better).

See you soon,


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