I think about the stories my mother, sisters, and even close friends tell me and wonder what it would have been like to be with you.

Often enough, I cry when I think about it because based on what everyone has said, you two were kind-hearted, giving, and fun to be with.

I can't lie, I get jealous sometimes.

I wish I had the chance to see you, to make lifetime memories with you, and be able to tell my children the stories I wish I was able to experience. Instead, I'll tell them that Heaven was able to meet them before I had the chance to, but that I will meet them one day.

Dziadzi and Buschia, you would have been proud of me.

I would have been showered with love when I came to visit. I would have heard stories of traveling, pirates, while my Dziadzi worked for the Merchant Marines. My Buschia would have stuffed me with an endless amount of food. I would have pulled into the driveway where their favorite Japanese cherry blossom grew, and I would have ran up to them after that long 10-hour drive that I have traveled so many times.

One of the only moments I had with them was when my Buschia was holding me, just a few months before she went home to be with the Lord, and my Dziadzi.

I didn't think that I could miss two people that I never had the chance to fully meet, but it is very possible. Someday though, I will finally be given the chance to see them.

Aloha wau iā 'oe.
E ʻike au e ʻike iā ʻoe i kekahi lā.